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I get asked frequently about the products I use and the resources I recommend. That’s why I believe this page will be helpful to those of you looking to quickly find solutions that you can trust. These products are all things I have tried and used by myself. I do get a small commission from some of the products you see here at no extra cost to you. I only showcase products I personally use and support, and if you do purchase through me you have my most sincere and heartfelt thanks!

Now, I have analyzed lots of products for my home and I even wrote articles for each of these topics. On this page, you will see the articles so you know Why I chose them. Click the headings to see very detailed information about all of the products!

Hope you enjoy the products are much as I do by only clicking the images!:

After testing Alexa, Cortana, and other voice assistants, Google Assistant has become my favorite. It is a truly smart piece of machinery with lots of interactivity that not even its biggest competitor can withstand. Right now, Google has put so many smart features into this voice assistant that in my opinion is the clear winner in the smart home industry. Check out why I think Google home is better than Alexa

Again, for each of these products I have done a lot of research to pick the best out there, and I wanted to share with you on those articles why I chose them! I hope you can make the most out of it.