The best robot mop in 2023: Forget about using your old mop

Is it time to throw your mop away?

Moping can be a demanding chore. And It gets worse when you leave your house unattended for a couple of weeks. Whether you’re working too much or your house chores get in the way, it can be hard work if you let accumulate stains and grime.

In 2020, robot mops are a huge help for you to clean your house!

I won’t be the guy who is telling you that this robot mops will clean sustainable stains of oil grease and let a perfectly clean floor,  but for the most part and depending on the cleaning liquid that you use, it can be a huge advantage to have one of these.

In the market right now, there is a new version of mops that are capable of moping and vacuum as a hybrid model. But from my perspective, it is used only for advertising.

Sure, they can suck a decent amount of dirt… but what about the moping… is it capable of cleaning the most common stains at a home with 2 kids playing around? my best guess is not.

I would prefer to have a robot vacuum that has been proved that it can actually remove dust and dirt from your home and then the robot mop can go and finish the job.

I’m an engineer and I know that during the design process you need to take into account several factors to build reliable equipment.

Sure, you can create something that will solve the 50% of your problems, but once a customer buys your product and see that it won’t perform well enough you can expect only bad reviews and comments.

That’s how we think, and I get it! You would hate me if I recommend a crappy mop… but this is not the case.

I will give you my honest opinion on the following robot mops so you can have an informed decision:

3. Braava 380t: Designed for bigger places.

Robot Mop 380t

An IRobot Mop. And it is because they designed equipment so reliable that you can’t go wrong with them!

The braava 380t is an old robot mop model that has proven to be successful in the market until today. IRobot keeps selling them because it has great cleaning skills for your hardwood or ceramic tiles.

It has two modes of operation: dry and damp.

Dry mode: Braava 380t will walk through your home sweeping dirt or hair. You don´t need water for this mode but if you use the sweeping pad moistened with hot water, it will increase its efficiency.

You need to put a little box called “north star navigation” on the room that is working your robot so it can send back information to know its location accurately.

Damp mode: This remarkable mode is designed to pass over an area three times. The speed used for the moping is a little bit slow but for thick substances like honey or ketchup is totally worth it.

The north star navigation box is necessary for this mode also but it ensures that every bit of space in your kitchen will be covered.

What I don’t like of this robot is that is not capable of running through and App. A Fully automated home in 2023 needs to be able to schedule your cleaning process while you’re not there!

Also, to charge the robot mop, you need to put it on a trade during 2 hours to ensure proper charge.

 I would suggest to put it on the kitchen or on a place where you know dirt and stains are going to appear more often.

The battery can hold almost 210 minutes on sweeping mode and 150 minutes on damp mode.

Perhaps its speed on damp mode tends to be slower than most robot mops, but the battery lasts longer due to the fact it is not drained too fast.

Another cool fact is they way the pad holds the microfiber. This robot mop is compatible with third party microfiber pads and disposable cleaning pads.

2. Braava Jet 240: Your good reliable pal on a house mostly rugged

Robot mop jet 240

Ever wonder how a $200 robot mop could help you with your chores at home?

You certainly can expect a good outcome from an IRobot product.

The Jet 240 is an autonomous robot mop that can clean your tiles in three different modes: dry, damp and wet.

For what it’s worth the dry mode performs well in areas where it has an average amount of dirt.

The good thing is that you can keep your kitchen or your bathroom cleaned regularly to avoid too much grime together.

The damp mode is activated once you use the damp pad. The robot automatically changes its sweeping patterns on stains to increase cleaning. It is mostly used for dirt and and dust.

And the wet mode is the strongest of all.

The material that is used for the pads are more abrasive and the braava passes three times for the same sector to ensure deep cleaning. It is used for lifting dirt and stains.

Now, speaking of the capabilities of the robot mop there are the following:

It can cover almost 200ft^2 of area in a single run of battery. On a regular house it means two bedrooms and one floor.

Battery: A 1800 mah lithium battery is provided. One downside is that once the battery dies you have to remove  it from the robot and put it to charge during 1 hour, install it, refill with water and start over the process.

The Technology used to walk around your house it is based only on bumps.

Usually, most smart cleaning devices from IRobot implement laser sensor and all kinds of mechanisms to optimize their travel, but for this model you have what you buy.

It can certainly cover all your house and avoid furniture as desired but this little sensor could improve potentially battery life.

It works only with Bluetooth. To pair it with your smartphone, you will have to keep it close to avoid signal interference. The same when you are trying to make it start.

The Braava  240 Jet is a reliable robot mop for a house that is mostly rugged due to the fact that it can only cover an area of 200 square feet. In meters would be only 18.58 square meters!

If you want to have your kitchen and your bathrooms cleaned this is your best choice. It has and excellent price, very reliable components and you can connect it to your smartphone as well!

But if you live in a house that its floor is with tiles and you would want to fully automate your most repetitive chores, I would recommend better the Braava Jet M6.

1.Braava Jet M6: Mopping on a whole new level

Robot Mop m6

Braava M6 was designed by IRobot. This means that we can expect high quality from this.

It comes on that beautiful gloss white color that we all love because you immediately relate it with cutting-edge technology. And indeed, it is, this robotic mopping device has been designed to save you tons of time on the cleaning process at home.

I can say confidently that in this era, we are experiencing types of comfort never seen before.

How cool is to see that we can completely automatize the vacuum and mopping process without dying in the attempt!

That’s what I love of the braava M6. You can schedule cleaning your house along with your robot vacuum when you aren’t home!

Just be sure that the water tray is full before you go and the Braava M6 will be good to go in case you have to leave your house in a rush.

A word of advice, every time your M6 finishes mopping, schedule the app to remind you to refill the water tray so you won’t forget to keep it ready to go.

You can use any kind of liquid to put it on your M6 to clean. Just be sure not to put muriatic acid or something corrosive as it will damage your device! But certain cleaning products will perform better than water to mop.

M6 jet comes with a bottle of liquid, but feel free to use one that suits better your house.

Sometimes our daily lives get in the way of cleaning our house, and when we have spare time, we have to take our cleaning tools (vacuum and mop) to have a shiny floor. Don´t get me wrong, I like keeping my house clean, but sometimes there is too much going on that I can skip cleaning without realizing it.

But with this baby, those days are part of the past. It can handle decent stains and grime and the larger areas are its best skill.

To start cleaning, it’s a pretty straightforward process. There are at the top some buttons where you can just clean and it will start making a map in your home.

And if you own an IRobot vacuum, you can share the house map between them so the M6 will start cleaning right away.

And the app features are superb. You can specify certain areas of your house that need to be mopped. Just select it and press clean.

But what about the battery… what if in the middle of the house the robot mop dies? Well, let me tell you that this robot covers it all.

It has a direct sensor to the battery to calculate how much running time has left.

It can calculate if the distance between the position of the robot and the charging tray is reachable. Before continuing with its path, it automatically goes to the charging tray, recharges and resumes.

This technology is far beyond in the future. We are seeing in 2023 how robots are starting to come to our lives to make a huge impact.

And not in the sense of those old little toy trucks that used to hit a wall and change its path, I´m talking of real machines capable of learning and taking autonomous decisions in order to give you a better life quality.

It comes with those nice features that IRobot brings with its products, so you can expect that it has the Alexa and Google Home integration.

This allows you to start your mopping “fiesta” with just a voice command: “Braava, clean the kitchen”

Depending on the condition of your floor, the M6 comes with two kinds of pads. Wet and dry.

Depending on the pad that is installed, the Braava jet will automatically adjust its cleaning mode to fit the appropriate pad.

But perhaps you’re wondering how it cleans mud, water or stains the M6 Jet?

It was a Jet sprayer at the top that before passing over of a dirty zone it will splash it with your cleaning solution. Once it is wet and ready to be removed, the robot will take it away with the pad installed.

One of the downsides of this robot mop is that you only can pair it with the IRobot s9+ or s7+ Roomba vacuums. To see a full complete review of the s9+ please click here, because I consider it the best Robot vacuum in the market right now.

But without a doubt, it is the best robot mop right know if you’re looking for a great cleaning of your hardwood, ceramic tiles and overall most common floors in your house.

Hybrid robot vacuum/mop devices… The real deal

As I mentioned before, I don’t trust those hybrids. I have reviewed most of them and the mechanism used to mop needs to be improved.

Perhaps it can clean light stains on your floor such as little drops of rain or water circles for not using a cup holder, but thinking that they can remove a splash of olive oil or stronger types of stains it is a design issue that needs to be addressed better.

Companies claimed that their robot vacuums have a point in favor as it can mop and the competition don´t, but the reality is far from those facts.

If you decide to buy one robot mop to start your journey on automating your home, please let me know in the comments below! Or if I missed some cool feature share it with us!

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