The Pros and Cons of Smart Doorbells: A Contrasting Guide

pros and cons of smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are increasing in popularity as technology advances, and companies continue to saturate the market with various options. The benefits of smart doorbells are widely marketed, but are there underlying disadvantages?

Smart doorbells provide access to see visitors from anywhere, communicate without reducing security, act as a security deterrent, and provide additional exterior protection. However, smart doorbells can vary in cost, send false alerts, and have limited surveillance scope.

If you are looking to purchase a smart doorbell, or are interested in discovering more about this technology, keep reading to gain insights into smart doorbells’ pros and cons!

Pros of Smart Doorbells

There are many pros to smart doorbells that help you feel more safe and secure both inside and outside of your home.

More homeowners are considering switching to a smart doorbell for that extra layer of security, and many new construction homes are built with them installed. 

The following list will provide insights into the pros and highlight the unique difference between smart doorbells and traditional doorbells. 

See Visitors From Anywhere

Smart doorbells offer the ability to link with your devices through applications available on smartphones and other innovative technology.

While some doorbells have an application devoted only to that doorbell, others are integrated into entire security systems to view multiple cameras.

Your smart doorbell will provide a view of your doorstep and potentially part of your yard so you can see any visitors that come by. 

You can also access the app while you are away from your home to check in on the surroundings and gain peace of mind.

If you are traveling for multiple days or are curious about packages, the smart doorbells provide the ability to check-in regardless of your location.

Communicate Without Reducing Security

A disadvantage of a regular doorbell is the limited availability to speak to someone without physically opening up your door and reducing your security.

Some entries, of course, have windows or openings to see who is there, but unless you try shouting through the door, it may be difficult to gain information from unexpected visitors. 

Smart doorbells offer the ability for two-way communication through the doorbell itself.

This function allows you to see who is at your doorstep and open a line of communication without ever unlocking your door.

Visitors will hear you through speakers in the doorbell base, and microphones will pick up any communication they provide. This feature allows you to limit face-to-face contact with strangers and keeps your house secure. 

Receive Alerts When Someone Visits

Whether you are expecting a delivery, have a friend or family member stopping by, a technician coming to your home, or if someone unexpectedly comes to your doorstep, smart doorbells will send you a notification through the paired app.

These notifications allow you to keep an eye on your home at all times. 

Visual Security Deterrent

There is evidence to suggest that the presence of an outdoor security camera or alarm system will act as a deterrent for potential burglaries or other heinous crimes.

Not only does your smart doorbell offer the ability to see who is at your doorstep, but its video recording feature may also be a red flag to someone looking to invade your space and commit a crime. 

The Department of Criminal Justice at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte conducted the study Understanding Decisions To Burglarize From The Offender’s Perspective.

This study included approximately 400 incarcerated men and women and focused on factors involved in burglaries and decisions made when targeting homes.

The study states that roughly 60% of those surveyed would seek a different target altogether if an alarm system were present.

24/7 Video Footage Access

With access to a paired app, your smart doorbell can give you peace of mind any time of day with the ability to access the video footage.

This feature can be especially appealing if you frequently travel or are away from your home for extended periods. 

Home Insurance Incentive

Depending on your insurance company, you may be eligible for discounts or incentives with having the upgraded security measure installed outside of your house.

Be sure to contact your insurance company to determine eligibility if you are purchasing a new system. 

Night Vision Access

There are multiple options of smart doorbells that offer excellent night vision access. If you hear a bump in the night, you can open the app from the comfort and safety of your room to see if anything suspicious is outside.

Delivery Dependability

Have you ever been notified that a package was delivered, only to look outside and find an empty doorstep? Depending on your specific smart device, you may have access to prior recorded footage to review it to determine if your packages were securely delivered or misplaced. 

Exterior Security Camera

If you have additional security cameras already installed or are looking to add extra surveillance, a smart doorbell is an excellent option that serves multiple purposes.

Depending on the type of camera and possible subscription service you may have, the smart doorbell may have the ability to connect to other security cameras in and around your house. 

Pair Select Devices With Alexa has become one of the leading companies to offer smart devices that connect throughout your home. Amazon’s line of Alexa devices can interact and communicate with select smart doorbells. The Ring Video Doorbell is listed as one of the top video doorbells for 2021 by PCMag and can connect with Alexa devices. 

You can purchase a Ring Video Doorbell With Echo Show 5 bundle to maximize the doorbell’s features for your home. With the Echo Show 5, you can receive push notifications and announcements on your device any time the video doorbell button gets pressed or if a motion outside is detected.

The Echo Show 5 offers a 5.5” display that will show you the video feed upon receiving a notification. 

Easy Installation

The Ring Video Doorbell offers a swift and easy installation.

The smart device includes a rechargeable battery, a mounting plate, and a clear set of instructions to allow you to install the bracket and attach the doorbell.

This smart doorbell doesn’t require any wired connection for installation or the use of a professional for assistance.

Cons of Smart Doorbells

While the pros of smart doorbells may outweigh the cons, the following points are still important pieces of information to consider when deciding on purchasing a smart doorbell. 

False Alerts

Earlier I mentioned how the Ring Video Doorbell and other smart doorbells would send notifications to your devices. While this is a helpful feature, these devices can potentially send false alerts when it detects motion from an animal or if something in the distance triggers the notification system. 


Smart doorbells can come with additional costs beyond the initial purchase of the device.

Depending on the device, there may be a subscription offered that includes cloud storage for photos and video, professional monitoring, and additional capabilities and functions.

When selecting a smart device, consider all the included options to determine the best fit based on your needs.

Scope of Surveillance

Unlike other outdoor security cameras, a smart doorbell does not have the option to move or change the field of view.

Instead, you will have a static video feed at all times once the device is mounted. While this is still an upgrade from the traditional doorbell, it may leave some blind spots that would require an additional security camera.

Pros and cons of smart doorbells: Final Thoughts

Smart Doorbells offer a multitude of benefits in addition to adding an extra layer of security. Here is a recap of the pros listed:

  • See visitors from anywhere
  • Communicate without reducing security
  • Receive alerts when someone visits
  • Visually acts as a security deterrent
  • 24/7 video footage access
  • Home insurance incentive
  • Night vision access
  • Delivery dependability
  • Exterior security camera
  • Pair select devices with Alexa
  • Easy Installation

While there are multiple pros to smart doorbells, here are a few cons:

  • False alerts
  • Cost
  • Scope of surveillance

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