How To Fix a Laggy Menu on a Samsung Smart TV – No more stress!

How To Fix a Laggy Menu on a Samsung Smart TV

At the end of a long day, you probably want to come home and relax in front of your fancy Samsung smart TV.

However, when you go to the menu on the TV, it’s not working as it normally does.

Fortunately, a few easy methods can help you resolve this issue.

Here are a few ways you can fix a laggy menu on a Samsung smart TV:

  1. Alter the CPU management system within the TV.
  2. Use a Samsung remote to assist you.
  3. Unplug your TV’s power cord from the power outlet.
  4. Use “Quick Settings” for a quick fix.
  5. Close any background apps.

If you’re ready to enjoy your evenings again in front of your awesome smart TV, then please continue reading this article.

I’ll provide you with more information that’ll help assist you so you can get right back to streaming your favorite shows. Let’s get into it!

1. Alter the CPU Management System Within the TV

The first step I recommend for you is to tinker with the CPU power management system.

Starting with this will be massively helpful in order to complete the task you’re aiming for.

To understand how to do this correctly, let’s first begin with defining what the acronym means.

CPU means “central processing unit.” It’s kind of like the brain of the entire system.

Understanding how to deal with the CPU can be incredibly beneficial in helping you deal with technical difficulties, like laggy menus.

Here’s what you should do in sequential order:

  1. Go into the service menu on your Samsung smart TV. You’ll see these options on your screen. From there, you should see a “debug” option.
  2. Look for “power management” and click on it. Then, click on “DVFS.” This acronym stands for “Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling.”
  3. Turn off your smart TV. When you turn on the TV again, the menu should no longer be laggy!

Hopefully, this works well for you. There’s a high chance that will, but don’t worry if it doesn’t quite do what you want.

If you still have not resolved the issue, then move on to the next sections, which offer more solutions.

2. Use a Samsung Remote To Assist You

When you first bought your Samsung smart TV, it must have likely come with a remote control.

This is a pretty standard item that comes with any new TV.

If you still have this remote, you can use it to assist you in fixing the laggy menu.

So make sure you first locate it in your house.

When the TV is turned on, find the power button on your remote and press it.

Don’t let go of the button. Continue to hold it.

Once the TV turns off, it’ll turn back on again because you’re still holding the power button.

This process means you cold booted your TV. What exactly does this mean?

It means that the memory cache has been cleared and is now empty.

This isn’t a bad thing because the cache memory can be filled in again quickly.

This should allow your TV to function better and no longer have a laggy menu. Sounds great, right?

3. Unplug Your TV’s Power Cord From the Power Outlet

Let’s say you unfortunately lost or misplaced your Samsung remote control.

No need to worry because this step allows you to fix the issue without the remote!

When your smart TV is on, find the power cord in the back of the TV and unplug it from the power outlet. 

Now, all you have to do is play the waiting game for 30 seconds.

Place a timer on your smartwatch, or just watch the clock hanging on your living room wall.

Once those 30 seconds have passed, turn on your smart TV again.

Congrats, because you have just discharged the TV! Like the step above, the one with the remote control, you have emptied the memory cache.

Hopefully, your TV is now functioning well, and the menu isn’t laggy anymore.

4. Use “Quick Settings” for a Quick Fix

Another step you can take to fix the laggy menu on your Samsung smart TV is to delete cache memory.

The cache memory is where a lot of information is stored, and these are things that help you TV remember what to do and what to show you.

By deleting your TV’s cache memory, you’re purging some of the things that are holding your TV down.

Take a look at the excellent, detailed YouTube video below. It provides information that could really help you out:

Not only does the YouTuber present the information in a way that’s easy to understand, but he also demonstrates it with examples.

The video walks you through the steps for deleting cache memory.

Take a few minutes to watch it, and once you feel comfortable with the steps, do the same for your TV.

Did it work? I hope so! If not, there’s one more alternative method you can use.

5. Close Any Background Apps

Another method you can take is to close any background apps.

This often refreshes your smart TV and helps it to run smoother.

It’s a great way to reboot the system in a way that’s not detrimental to the smart TV.

You would be surprised at how much space is designated for any apps that are not being used.

Try it out and see if it helps you!


Smart TVs are amazing.

They let us stream awesome content and present all of the entertainment in the best quality available out there.

Smart TVs seem to understand what we want them to do.

That must be why we called them Smart!

But sometimes they do the things they’re not supposed to — like having laggy menus, which can be annoying.

But try the steps above to see if you can resolve the issue of laggy menus.

I’m sure at least one of them will help, and you’ll be back to watching your shows and movies in no time!

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