Why Is Autoplay Not Working on Peacock Chromecast? Fix It Here!

Why Is Autoplay Not Working on Peacock Chromecast

When casting a show from the Peacock app on your phone to your television through Chromecast, you’ll probably notice that autoplay isn’t working.

Every time an episode ends, you have to manually go back to the list of episodes and play the next episode, which can be annoying. 

Autoplay is not working on Peacock Chromecast because the mobile app has a bug. While the autoplay feature usually works, it fails when casting to television via Chromecast. In addition, the Peacock app doesn’t have a setting to either enable or disable autoplay. 

Peacock generally has its fair share of disappointments as a streaming service, whether you are accessing it through the mobile app or directly on a TV.

Still, there are some shows that you can only access on Peacock.

In this article, I’ll present solutions to the Autoplay problem and other problems that you may face while using the Peacock app. 

Understanding the Peacock Autoplay Problem

If you’ve been experiencing issues with the Peacock service, a quick Google search will reveal that you are not alone.

The web has many complaints about Peacock, most of which appear to go unresolved despite public outcry. 

Is the Autoplay Problem Unique to Users Casting From Their Phones?

If you’ve been putting up with manually selecting the next episode when casting Peacock from your phone, you might wonder if you’ll encounter the same problem when watching directly from your television. 

The Peacock autoplay issue is unique to users casting shows from their phones to televisions through Chromecast. Users that access Peacock directly from their smart televisions do not face the same problem. Still, they have another autoplay problem.

Users streaming shows on Peacock directly from their televisions cannot stop autoplay.

This is a particularly annoying issue for those who sleep while watching shows.

If you sleep, the show will continue playing until you manually stop it (which could be the next morning). This gets costly if you have data limits. 

Still, some Peacock users complain that the autoplay feature on TV skips to the next episode while there are still minutes of pre-credit content to watch. 

So, while those casting from mobile are trying to enable autoplay, those watching directly from television are trying to disable it. 

The Peacock autoplay issue may be seen as a teething problem.

As a new service, Peacock hasn’t had the time to perfect such seemingly small features that we’ve come to take for granted in apps like Netflix

Regardless of why the problem exists, it’s still annoying. In the next section, I’ll outline possible solutions. 

How To Solve the Peacock Chromecast Autoplay Issue

When you first encounter the autoplay issue, your first thought will probably be that you are missing something.

After spending hours scouring through online resources and getting disappointed by Peacock support, you’ll realize that it’s a bug and that you can’t fix a bug if you didn’t develop the app yourself.    

While you may not be able to fix the autoplay bug on the Peacock app, you can work around it. 

For autoplay to work when casting from the Peacock app to Chromecast, try the following steps:

  1. Play the show on your phone for a few seconds, then leave the app.
  2. Re-open the app.
  3. Tap on the cast icon.
  4. Resume watching the show on the television. Your episodes will now autoplay normally. 

Some Peacock users facing this problem have also been able to solve it with an alternate solution: 

  1. Open the Peacock app on your mobile phone.
  2. Hit the cast button.
  3. Select the episode you want and click play.

Another workaround for the autoplay issue when casting from your phone is to cast from your laptop instead (if you have one).

Autoplay works just fine for users casting from their laptops. 

If worst comes to worst and you can’t solve the problem, you can stream from your mobile phone without casting to your television.

For some people, this is unacceptable.

However, if you can bear watching the show on your phone, you won’t have the same autoplay problems. 

The solutions and workarounds presented above should fix your Peacock Chromecast autoplay problem.

However, just in case the issue persists, I have rounded up solutions that people commonly use to fix issues with the Peacock app.  

Common Blanket Solutions to Peacock Issues 

As I mentioned earlier in the article, using Peacock isn’t a smooth ride for most users.

The following tips may come in handy when trying to solve issues with Peacock: 

  • Clear your device’s cache. 
  • Ensure you have a high-bandwidth connection. 
  • Check whether the Peacock service is offline.
  • Restart your device.
  • Reinstall the Peacock app. 

Below is a brief elaboration of each tip. 

Clear Your Device’s Cache 

Every app stores some data in the device’s cache storage.

Apps can access data in the cache faster than in regular storage.

Storing some data in the cache makes apps quicker and improves the user experience. 

Sometimes, the data in the cache may become corrupted, which can affect the operation of the Peacock app. 

Clearing the data that Peacock has stored in the device’s cache could solve the problem

Ensure You Have a High-Bandwidth Connection 

Streaming on Peacock is a data-intensive affair.

A low bandwidth connection is likely to cause issues.

If you plan to be streaming a lot, getting a high-bandwidth data package is the way to go. 

Sometimes, if there are other devices connected to the same network as the Peacock app, disconnecting them could increase the bandwidth available to Peacock and solve performance issues. 

Check Whether the Peacock Service Is Offline 

Sometimes, Peacock issues are a result of their servers being down.

At such times, you can’t solve the problem no matter what you do.

If you suspect that Peacock is down, a simple Google search can help you be sure.

If the service is offline, either wait for it to come back on or call customer service. 

Restart Your Device 

At times, restarting electronic devices like smartphones works like a charm.

It’s always worth a try, especially if your device seems to be the only one that isn’t working.

If you are having trouble with your Peacock app, restarting your phone or television might get the app working normally again. 

Reinstall the Peacock App 

Deleting the Peacock app and installing it again is worth a try if you’re still experiencing issues.

Completely deleting the app clears the data stored by the app on your phone.

As a result, it may help eliminate any software glitches that could be causing issues. 


Peacock doesn’t have an autoplay setting that you can toggle on or off.

Additionally, a bug in their app disables autoplay when casting via Chromecast. 

The simplest trick to solving the problem involves playing the show for a few seconds on your phone.

You should then leave the app, and upon opening it again, hit the cast button and resume play on the television. 

If this doesn’t work, you could try several other solutions and workarounds, such as casting from your laptop. 

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