Can You Have Two Netflix Accounts on a Smart TV?

Can You Have Two Netflix Accounts on a Smart TV

Whether you’re combining households or just having too many people for one account, it’s common for a single household to have multiple Netflix accounts.

This leaves many users wondering if they can have more than one Netflix account on a smart TV. 

You can’t have two Netflix accounts on a smart TV simultaneously, though the issue can be managed by logging in and out each time you use the platform. There are other ways to manage two Netflix accounts, but they won’t both be signed in on your smart TV simultaneously. 

Let’s take a closer look at Netflix and discuss what else you can do when you need access to more than one account. 

How Can You Have Two Netflix Accounts on a Smart TV?

You can have two Netflix accounts on a smart TV by logging in and out when using Netflix, bringing in another streaming device to add to your smart TV, or combining Netflix accounts to only one. 

Since it isn’t possible to be logged into more than one Netflix account at a time, there are a few workarounds that you can try to get the job done. 

You can fix the issue by simply logging in and out of Netflix whenever you use it.

Though, depending on your device, this can be a pain.

Entering an email address and password on a smart TV is challenging as you have to type with your remote. Yikes

There are ways to work around this by allowing Netflix to remember your email, but your password will need to be entered either way.

So, while this may not be the most convenient option, it’s the only way to get two Netflix accounts on one smart TV. If you want a faster option, you should try other options. 

Having a smart TV is a great way to ensure that you have access to all your favorite apps in one place, but it’s not the only place you can go to access these apps.

If you have two Netflix accounts that you want to access regularly, it may be best to use two different devices. 

If you have a smart TV and another streaming device like Roku or Apple TV, then you’re in luck.

Log into different accounts on each, and you will have access to both on the same TV.

However, if you don’t have that option, then you may have to use just one. 

Netflix has made it more difficult in recent months to share passwords.

If you share an account with multiple people, then you may need to consider kicking some friends or family members off your account.

The new rules may make it easier to combine your household account as you don’t have to worry about canceling when others are watching. 

So, it may be best to combine the two Netflix accounts. This will allow you to use the same account on your smart TV without worrying about signing out when you’re done watching. 

Netflix allows users to have multiple profiles on one account.

So, you can watch whatever shows you want without interfering with anyone else’s profile. 

How Many Devices Can I Use With My Netflix Account?

Netflix has introduced a tier system that only allows you to stream on one, two, or four devices depending on how much you pay per month. Each tier system only allows downloads to that same number of devices. So, it is best to have a premium plan for people sharing an account with others. 

The basic plan is the cheapest plan available, and it only allows streaming and downloading to one device.

This means that if another person has access to your account, you will not be able to use your account at the same time that they do.

So, to avoid those awkward text messages, it may be best to choose a tier that allows you more streaming freedom. 

The basic plan also includes the ability to download movies and shows to just one device.

For a while now, Netflix has been allowing users to download programs to watch offline.

This is perfect for commuters who don’t want to sacrifice quality because they don’t have Wifi. 

With the basic plan, you can download programs you want to watch later to just one device.

This is fine if you’re the only person using your account, but it can get annoying if you plan to share content with your friends or family. 

It’s also worth noting that the basic plan won’t let you watch your favorite shows and movies in HD.

So, for the best viewing experience, you may need to upgrade to a new tier and pay more per month. 

The middle tier or the standard plan is higher in price, but it supports two simultaneous users.

This is better for shared accounts as you’ll be less likely to run into issues of not using your account when you want to.

However, if you have more than two people trying to stream simultaneously, it won’t be allowed. 

The standard plan also allows downloading of programs on two devices.

This is perfect for couples or those sharing the account with one other person. 

One of the best reasons to choose the standard plan is to stream your favorite movies and shows in HD.

So, if the video quality is a priority for you, then the standard plan will provide you with a better, clearer picture. 

Finally, the premium plan gives you the best possible Netflix experience.

With this plan, you can have up to four people watching simultaneously, and four different people can download movies and shows to their devices to watch later. 

The premium plan is the only plan that offers Ultra HD for certain movies and shows.

So, put that HD TV to good use by making sure you are getting the best quality. 

Final Thoughts

Although you can’t have two Netflix accounts set up on your smart TV, there are some workarounds.

Whether you choose to combine the accounts, add a second streaming device, or just sign out every time you get done watching, there are plenty of ways you can make it work in your home. 

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