Why Does HomeKit Always Say It’s Updating? And How To Address It

Why Does HomeKit Always Say It's Updating

If you’re one of 57.8% of Americans who use iOS devices, there’s a good chance you use HomeKit, which lets you use your device to control smart home appliances remotely.

There’s also a good chance you’re encountering the issue of HomeKit always updating. So why does that happen?

HomeKit always says it’s updating because of bad Wi-Fi, a device that’s out of range, or a device that’s on the wrong Wi-Fi band. The firmware may also be outdated, the Wi-Fi may be running too many devices simultaneously, or the third-party devices may be unsuitable for HomeKit. 

As you can see, there are multiple reasons your HomeKit keeps updating.

Sometimes, it’s due to internet connectivity issues; other times, the devices you’re using may be pushing your HomeKit’s capabilities to the limit.

This article will expand on the reasons HomeKit keeps updating, possible solutions, and what you need to know about other HomeKit issues. 

How To Fix HomeKit When It Keeps Updating

If your HomeKit is always updating, you need to narrow down the reasons behind it.

For example, is the problem affecting all the devices connected to the HomeKit system, or are there specific devices that constantly give the “updating” feedback?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to fix HomeKit when it keeps updating.

  1. Check your Wi-Fi settings. Make sure the network’s settings are connected to Wi-Fi routers and access points.
  2. Move the device with the issue towards the router. If it starts responding, the problem is the Wi-Fi range. In that case, you should keep the device within range or get mesh Wi-Fi to extend the range further.
  3. If the previous step doesn’t work, check if the devices have any pending updates. If there are, update them and restart the device. 
  4. Remove the devices from the app and then put them back again. Check if the updates stop showing up.
  5. Turn off “use private network” on the devices you’re using. The issue may be caused by the network failing to recognize the device. 
  6. Reboot your HomeKit Hub or the iOS device. As you know, when it comes to electronic devices in general, rebooting solves the problem most of the time.
  7. If the device refuses to respond to the Home app, try using the manufacturer’s app.
  8. Switch off the main power outlet and switch it on again. Sometimes, the device will attach itself to the furthest connection when using mesh Wi-Fi. A reset will help the device “realize” there’s a better connection nearby (i.e., the HomeKit). 
  9. Enable automatic malware updates on all your devices to prevent security issues. It’s possible your internet is slowing down because unscrupulous, tech-savvy third parties are hitching a ride on your Wi-Fi at your expense.
  10. Update your hardware. It’s possible your devices are old enough to no longer be supported by current HomeKit updates. 

Why Is HomeKit Not Working?

You’d think everything would run smoothly when you have a smart home.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you use HomeKit to run your appliances remotely, constant updates are just one of the many issues you may encounter, along with HomeKit showing no response

HomeKit is not working because the device is turned off, isn’t within the range of your Wi-Fi router, or has poor quality third-party accessories.

Sometimes, the Home app gets stuck while loading scenes and accessories, or the Wi-Fi cannot support all the devices on your HomeKit.

Again, the issue may be linked to your internet connection.

You may also need to rid HomeKit of questionable third-party accessories. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to do a hard reboot or factory reset to free up the “gunk” in your devices. 

Why Are Your HomeKit Accessories No Longer Responding?

HomeKit is great, for the most part. It allows you to do things like switch the lights on or off, play music, etc. — all from the comfort of your couch.

So when your devices start showing the dreaded response error, you can’t help but feel frustrated at the inconvenience of a supposedly convenient technology. 

Your HomeKit accessories may no longer be responding due to the following reasons: 

  • Slow or spotty internet connection.
  • The Home app needs a reboot. 
  • The device firmware may be outdated.
  • The entire HomeKit system may need a reboot. 
  • The device may be beyond the Wi-Fi range.

As you can see, the solution boils down to improving your internet connection or rebooting your devices/HomeKit itself.

For the former, you have something like the Linksys Velop Mesh Home Wi-Fi System available for your convenience on Amazon.

It’s HomeKit enabled, ideal for multi-storied homes, and provides a fast, reliable Wi-Fi range for gaming and 4K streaming.

Also, it’s easy to set up, has tri-band connectivity speeds and can be linked to Alexa. 

Here’s a YouTube video that shows some of the issues you may have with your HomeKit devices and the solutions.

How To Prevent HomeKit Issues

If your HomeKit fails for one reason or another, there are steps you can take to ensure you have minimal or no issues with your smart devices.

These tips will give you greater control of your home, especially when you’re away from good sources of internet connection.

  • Place devices in areas with minimal obstacles (e.g., potted plants, furniture) to avoid Wi-Fi interference. 
  • Place devices close to other connected devices within the same network to minimize signal drops.
  • Have a record of all your Home pairing codes. If you don’t want to write them down, you can also use HomePass, an app that keeps track of your HomeKit codes in one place.
  • Understand your home’s structure, and identify structural issues that may affect how well your smart home functions. You can get help from a trusted architect or engineer for this one.


When it comes to HomeKit issues like constant updates, most of the solutions are pretty straightforward.

You can solve most of the issues by checking your internet connection, rebooting your devices or the HomeKit system itself, or making the necessary updates.

If all else fails, you can always contact Apple’s customer support.

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