Fixing Chromecast’s Black Screen but Working Audio: 5 Simple Steps

Chromecast Black Screen With Audio

Did your Chromecast stop streaming and start displaying a black screen with audio?

If it’s the first time this has happened, don’t worry; it might be a one-off glitch.

But if this problem continues to recur, something more sinister could be going on. 

Chromecast black screens with audio can be caused by an insufficient power supply, internet connectivity issues, browser issues, broken devices, or firmware issues. You can fix this by updating your browser, checking your Wi-Fi, and ensuring that your Chromecast gets enough power.

This article sheds some light on the causes of Chromecast problems and possible ways to fix them. 

1. Insufficient Power Supply

An insufficient power supply is one probable cause of frequent black screens on Chromecast.

A low power supply limits the performance of the Chromecast device, leading to black screens and other problems.

You might need to change the power source if your Chromecast is getting its power from the TV because such a setup can interfere with the Chromecast’s performance.

This is because each time the TV is turned off, it cuts off the Chromecast’s power supply, making it reboot each time for a fresh connection.

Another power issue could come up if the power-saving mode is on.

Turning on the power saving mode limits the power going into your Chromecast, making the device reboot frequently and display a black screen. 

How To Fix the Power Issue

A quick way to rectify the power supply issue is simply to get more power.

The Chromecast comes with a power adapter.

So instead of plugging it into your TV, plug the power adapter into the wall socket.

If your TV has the power-saving mode on, turn it off and see if that works.

2. Internet Connectivity Issues

If the issue is not with the power supply, it is probably with your internet.

A poor or unsteady internet connection keeps your Chromecast buffering longer than it should, which often results in black screens.

A faulty router could also cause the Chromecast to display black screens.

If you have strong Wi-Fi and your Chromecast still has problems, check its positioning.

A Chromecast hidden behind the TV may have its connection severed, especially if your Wi-Fi is set to short range.

How To Fix the Internet Issue

First, ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal by running a speed test to check the internet speed.

You may also unplug the router from the power supply, leave it for a few minutes then plug it back.

Doing this reboots the router and restarts a fresh connection.

Once your internet is up and running, connect your TV, smartphone, and Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi.

3. An Outdated Browser or Chromecast

Browsers regularly get updates with new features, and an outdated one may be causing your black screen with the audio issue.

An outdated Chromecast also causes a similar issue since its firmware may not be able to work seamlessly with the new features on newer browsers.

How To Fix Your Outdated Browser or Chromecast

Update your Chromecast and browser.

Chromecast automatically updates in the setup, so it’s likely that yours has auto-updated.

Still, it’s worth checking it for the sake of eliminating potential causes to your black screen issue. 

If you are using a computer or mobile phone, check if there is an updated version of the browser and update it. To do this on Google Chrome:

  1. Open the browser on your device.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top far right corner.
  3. Go to settings and select About Chrome.
  4. Your Chrome browser will check for any updates.
  5. Click Relaunch to install the new updates.

If you’re not using Google Chrome, the steps for checking for updates are just a Google search away.

Simply key in “how to check for updates on (insert your browser here)”.

Lastly, always ensure the devices you are using to cast are updated.

Ensure that you’re using the most recent Windows and iOS versions and have installed pending updates on your Android phone.

4. Wrong Selection of HDMI Port

Unfortunately, many people make this mistake and choose the wrong HDMI ports when setting up their Chromecast.

Doing this results in connection issues, which in turn may result in black screens.

Remember, Chromecast needs an HDMI that supports HDCP 1.3 or higher to display content and HDCP 2.2 for 4K content.

How To Fix the HDMI Issue

Make sure that you’re using an HDMI that supports HDCP 1.3 or higher.

If your TV has a couple of HDMI ports, unplug the Chromecast’s HDMI cable from its current port and try a different port on your TV.

You may also want to scan your HDMI cable and ports for any signs of damage.

Damaged ports could cause frustration, so carefully inspect and replace them if they’re broken.

5. Faulty Devices (TV, Smartphone, and Chromecast)

Another cause could be the devices themselves.

Using broken or faulty devices can lead to Chromecast freezes, crashes, and random shutdowns, among other issues.

If you tried all the other solutions and nothing seems to work, try a different Chromecast, smartphone, or TV and see if it works.

How To Fix It

To find the culprit, unplug each device at a time and replace it with another device.

If you have access to another TV, try casting on it and see if the old one was the culprit.

You may also switch to another Chromecast (borrowed from a friend or relative).

If the video and audio feed return to normal on a different Chromecast, then your old one could be faulty.

Lastly, try casting from a different smartphone and see if the issue is resolved.

Tip: Downloading third-party casting apps and software from untrusted sources can also bring in malware and dangerous viruses, which can affect your casting or crash your devices altogether. If you have black screens with audio on a third-party app, uninstall it and use the Google Home app and Chrome browser instead. 

Chromecast Black Screens With Audio? Final Thoughts

Casting content to a Chromecast doesn’t just transfer a video stream from your Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection onto the device; it also renders that content in real-time so that you can enjoy your movies and series to the max.

If you’re still having issues with your Chromecast after trying all these solutions, don’t hesitate to ask for help from an expert or Google’s Chromecast support.

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