Is your Samsung TV Remote Power Button Not Working? 4 Handy Fixes

Samsung TV Remote Power Button Not Working

You grab a large bowl of popcorn, lay down, grab the remote, and press the power button on your remote to turn on your Samsung TV.

You quickly realize that the remote doesn’t work, meaning you’ll have to get up to turn the TV on manually.

So why is the button not working, even though the remote is in good order?

Your Samsung TV remote power button isn’t working because the batteries are empty, your remote or receiver is bugged, the remote is dirty, or a part of the remote is broken. Some fixes include replacing the batteries, restarting the TV and the remote, cleaning the button, and replacing the remote.

This article will go over all the potential reasons why your Samsung TV remote power button stopped working.

I’ll then explain the different ways to fix it so that you can relax on your sofa and turn the TV on with your remote again.

Why Your Samsung TV Remote Power Button Isn’t Working

You’re probably aware that the infrared diode in your remote sends signals to your Samsung TV to tell it what to do.

But you probably don’t know how the buttons inside the remote actually work.

When you press down the rubber power button on your remote, a small bit of conductive material touches a wire on the remote’s circuit board, which shorts out the circuit.

When your remote control power button isn’t working, it’s because something is blocking contact between the conductive part of the button and the circuit board.

Let’s go over everything that might cause the issue.

The Batteries Are Empty

If you haven’t changed the batteries in your remote for months, they’re probably low on juice. 

Samsung TV remotes use standard AA 1.5 V batteries, which last up to 6 months.

They can die much sooner if you use the remote a lot, though.

Although a remote can still work on super low batteries, the power button is often the first one to become unresponsive. 

This is probably because it’s the most used button, so it’s a bit worn out and requires a strong signal to turn on.

The Remote or Receiver Is Glitching

Random firmware bugs happen all the time.

Even something as simple as a remote control circuit board glitches out occasionally.

For example, if the remote thinks another button is pressed down, the power button won’t work.

The IR receiver on your Samsung TV can also stop working due to a random firmware bug. 

If communication between the receiver and the TV’s mainboard isn’t working correctly, your TV has no way of knowing what buttons you’re pressing on the remote.

Dust and Debris Is Lodged Inside the Power Button

If all buttons except the power button work correctly, that’s often an indicator of dirt buildup or corrosion on the wire below the button.

Sweat, oil, and dirt from your fingers slowly build up around and below the power button.

Even after wiping down the remote with alcohol wipes, the inside of the button stays super dirty.

If you’ve ever spilled a sticky soda onto your remote, there’s going to be a layer of sticky residue all over the circuit board.

This layer blocks contact between the power button and the board.

The Power Button or Remote IR Blaster Is Broken

If you pushed down the power button on your Samsung TV remote hard enough, you might’ve broken it. 

The wire sitting on the circuit board is rather delicate.

The circuit can’t be completed if the wire is snapped in half. In other words, the button is broken.

Another common point of failure on remotes is the IR blaster.

If the diode dies, the remote can’t send any signals to your TV.

There’s a neat trick that lets you check the IR blaster.

Assuming the batteries in the remote aren’t dead, point your phone’s camera at the remote’s IR diode.

When you press a button on the remote, you should see a brief flash of light in the IR diode.

If there’s no light, the IR blaster or the circuit board isn’t working.

How To Fix Samsung TV Remote Power Button

Let’s address everything that can make the power button on your remote stop working.

1. Replace the Batteries

The easiest solution is to throw out the old batteries and insert a fresh pair. 

New batteries increase the strength of the electric current flowing through the circuit board.

Even if your power button is dirty or corroded, batteries can make it work again.

Your remote will be more responsive in general. You won’t have to push the buttons hard to get them to work anymore.

2. Restart the Remote and the TV

Restarting your Samsung TV remote is super simple. Here’s what Samsung suggests:

  1. Remove the batteries.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for 8-10 seconds.
  3. Put the batteries back in.

Holding the power button drains any leftover power in the circuit.

If your remote seems to be working, but the TV isn’t picking up the signal, restart your TV as well. The procedure is very similar:

  1. Unplug the TV power cord.
  2. Hold the power button for 30-40 seconds or longer.
  3. Plug the TV back in.
  4. Turn the TV on using the power button on the back.

You’ve now restarted your Samsung TV, so everything should work as intended.

3. Dislodge or Clean the Power Button

We’ve talked about how sweat from your fingers can corrode the power button over time.

Cleaning the button from the outside isn’t enough, though.

Instead, you’ll have to disassemble it and clean it thoroughly.

You could try mashing the power button rapidly 15-20 times to dislodge dust.

But the button stays dirty until you disassemble and clean the controller.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove the battery cover and the batteries.
  2. Insert a thin plastic object into the edge of the remote.
  3. Gently pry the top part off. You’ll hear pops and snaps as you do this. If you hear plastic snapping in half, you’re doing it wrong.
  4. Remove the rubber dome buttons from the circuit board.
  5. Use cotton swabs and alcohol to clean the power button on the circuit board and the rubber dome.
  6. Reassemble the remote.

If you have a Samsung One Remote, cleaning is more challenging. Watch this YouTube video and follow the instructions carefully:

4. Replace the Remote

If your IR blaster doesn’t work even after a battery swap, it’s best to replace the remote altogether. 

Trying to repair a remote is generally not worth it if you’re not an electrician.

You’ll likely just end up feeling frustrated and buying a new remote anyway.

Final Thoughts

Your Samsung TV remote power button isn’t working probably because it’s very dirty or your batteries are low.

Disassembling and cleaning the remote and a quick battery replacement solves most issues.

Restarting the TV and the remote can fix random glitches.

And if the IR blaster doesn’t work at all, you’ll have to buy a new remote for your Samsung TV.

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