How Sara, Bruce, and Brett improved their life with Robot vacuums and mops

A, mom can improve her lifestyle with smart home technology!

Meet Sara Farrell Baker. She is a mom with two kids and a former blogger.

During all her time at home, she has been struggling like most of us keeping her house clean.

As a mother of two children in their most active stage of life, maintaining a relatively small house cleaned every day is a hard challenge!

Also, she is a pet lover having two cats and a dog.

I love animals, my whole life I have been taking care of pets since I remember. But there’s a catch: No matter how much you love them… hair will be on every corner of my house.

But recently she was introduced to the smart home technology. Specifically, a robot vacuum as a gift from her husband.

When I see new moms that are starting out on this endeavor, I can understand why they’re happy when they get a new appliance.

In some sort of way, a new appliance can sustainably decrease the time spent on those repetitive chores that no matter what happens, you will have to do every day… as bad as it sounds.

That is why they got a robot vacuum.

This technology nowadays has let us feel a new kind of comfort that no generation has lived before.

And Sara is one of the many people to experience this for the first time.

Before, she was used to the fact that it was needed 40 minutes of her  daily time to keep the floor cleaned.

And it was a must-do chore because having very active children, you wouldn’t want them to be in contact with some random particles brought by your pets from the outside.

She hated the feeling of dirt underneath her barefoot while walking to her kitchen to grab a quick snack. Who wouldn’t, huh?

But after a Roomba Robot vacuum visited her house, it was a point of no return. Now, this vacuum automatically through the App starts cleaning her house.

She shared with her community how this robot improved her quality of life. After seeing the floor consistently straightened up, it triggered her mind the desire to start cleaning everything around.

A clean floor has to be in a clean house. That kind of feeling, give her the strength to start investing those 40 minutes a day behind the vacuum on other chores.

From her point of view, life has been better since she got this present. Her Husband saw the necessity of having a robotic partner to help at home, even though she didn’t know this kind of technology.

After having this kind of time-saving for a single robot, they decided to go for the Mop. They saw that life behind a broom or mop was not worth it, and it was the perfect time to give themselves a little treat with this.

Now, after the robot vacuum has finished cleaning the house, they only have to start the robot mop to finish the deal. Now, she shared that the mop is not as technologically as the vacuum, but it can certainly keep your house neat.

What I found is that Sara claims that even though the robot vacuum wasn’t capable of cleaning the floor the way she wanted it, she was happy to have it.

Perhaps her husband did not know about the new breakthroughs that IRobot has done over the past months with the vacuums. Or at the moment he thought that spending money on a great robot was not worth it enough.

But I can assure you that after seeing what this technology can do, there is no coming back.

In 2019 robot vacuums and robot mops have improved tremendously. Right now I can guarantee you that if you inform better, you can have a perfectly clean floor not matter if you have a hardwood or tile floor.

Check out the best robot vacuums in 2020 here.

I brought this testimonial to my blog to share with you why I started it. There is a ton of technology out there that can improve our lives in ways we haven’t even imagined. You just need to be aware of its existence and make an informed decision to make sure your main needs will be fully covered.

If you are interested in reading Sara’s post. Please click here.

Also, she runs a blog. Go there and take a look! 

A serious dog lover, mom of six children has extensively proven that a Robot Vacuum will change the way you vacuum

Meet Brett Winn. She is a writer, dog breeder, trainer, and competitor. She currently has six dogs, so you can imagine where I’m going with this.

Dog’s dirt has been part of Brett for quite a long time. Hair and other dog’s dirt have been a major issue for her since the beginning of her career.

No matter how hard she has tried to keep dog hair away, she has never been able to get her floors to stay clean for much longer than an afternoon. It looked like hair could multiply by itself once it hits the floor.

And as a writer, you need to have a perfectly calmed and clean place to let your thoughts run. But hair all over the house wasn’t a good inspiration for anyone!

She even said that once she had to shut the door of her office and pretend that the world does not exist to get her work done. The chaos seemed so overwhelming!!

Once she saw that a friend of hers bought a robot vacuum, she got intrigued by the moment.

As the warranty for the Roomba robot Vacuum is so reliable, she said… what the heck right? If I don’t like it, I can send it back.

Once it arrives, she started using it with her 20-years old son.

I laughed reading her post when I saw that they stayed up until 2:00 am admiring how machine learning was doing its job on cleaning rooms on a perfectly straight line.

For all of us, it is the same impression… Once you see your robot vacuum doing its job autonomously, it’s like and experience totally worth of your time.

As the features of the app and Wi-Fi starts kicking on your smartphone, you will see that this robot vacuum has come to your house to stay!

When it gets full, it sends you a notification to empty the bin. If the brush gets wrapped with long hair, it also lets you know so you can protect your vacuum.

And after finishing… the Roomba vacuums will walk its way up to the charging tray!! On Brett’s exact words: “what’s NOT to like?”

She has an amazing blog post that is very informative and entertaining at the same time. Please go ahead and take a look!

These are just a few recent testimonials of people that have experimented with how Smart Home Technology has immensely improved their daily life.

From a mom with active children to a dog breeder… There aren’t more extreme scenarios to say not to a reliable vacuum.

A father, grandfather in love with his family saw an opportunity to make his life a little bit better with a Robot Vacuum

Meet Bruce Brown, a contributing editor of Digital Trends. The proud owner of an Ecovac Deebot N79S Robot vacuum.

As a Christmas present, Bruce decided to buy a robot vacuum for him and his wife. You hear about this Technology on television or online, but you won’t appreciate it as much until you can experiment it.

After two weeks of more using the robot vacuum, they saw how awesome it is to have an automated smart home gadget focused on keeping your floor clean.

The fact that you can Schedule cleaning your house when you’re not there was awesome for Bruce. Even though their calendar is irregular, having the possibility for them was very handy.

One fun anecdote using the robot vacuum was that maybe Bruce accidentally programmed to clean the house at 1:00 am each morning. At very early in the morning they heard a spring-loaded doorstop being activated by the vacuum. I bet they got scared of hearing that at 1 am!!

The biggest win for Bruce came when a friend asked his wife how she liked the robot vacuum. Her answer: “The best Christmas gift ever!”

I think Bruce is an excellent example of how a simple decision for a Christmas gift has changed his life for the better.

Robotic vacuums and Robot Mops are designed to make your life at home easier. There are NOT just designed to make you buy worthless equipment so you can put it in a dumpster after two or three months of use.

Nowadays robot vacuums especially can deliver great efficiency on cleaning and even more if you can pair it with your robot vacuum. You will have a spotless floor without moving a finger if you inform you well enough for the best equipment out there.

If you are interested in reading Bruce’s testimonial click here

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