Do You Need a Roku if You Have a PS4? (6 Money-saving Tips)

Do You Need a Roku if You Have a PS4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) is awesome because it allows you to play your favorite console games and stream your favorite television shows from the same device.

If you can stream your favorite shows on your PS4, do you need a Roku?

You do not need a Roku if you have a PS4. You can use your PS4 to stream from major streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, using a PS4 as your primary streaming device comes with its disadvantages. For the ultimate streaming experience, you might want to get a Roku as well.

With a PS4, you don’t need a Roku to stream. But it may be more convenient to get one. In this article, I’ll go over the reasons to get a Roku even if you have a PS4.

The PS4 as a Streaming Device

Before I go over the advantages of the Roku over the PS4, let’s first see how a PS4 performs as a streaming device.

First off, the PS4 is much more powerful than streaming sticks like Roku.

It’s designed for gaming, which (as you know) is a resource-intensive process.

The PS4 can work better than Roku as a streaming device because:

  • A PS4 is more durable than a Roku. You’re not likely to lose it or accidentally snap it in half.
  • A PS4 comes with a built-in ethernet cable, so you can take advantage of your home’s internet speed.
  • With the PS4 Pro, you can stream supported content in 4K and HDR. You can also access all the bigwigs in the streaming space, such as Netflix and HBO.

If you consider streaming alone, you’re not likely to miss out on anything when using the PS4 instead of a Roku. The PS4 is a pretty solid streaming device on its own.

However, if you want to factor in convenience and sustainability, the PS4 will have disadvantages compared to a Roku, as you’ll see below.

Why You Might Want To Use a Roku As Your Primary Streaming Device 

Using a PS4 for regular streaming comes with its problems, which you usually won’t have if you use a Roku as your primary streaming device.

Here are the advantages of using a Roku even when you have a PS4.

Lower Electric Consumption

As I said earlier, the PS4 is a powerful device.

If you’re using it to stream content, you might have it on for hours.

Unfortunately, that also means it’ll use up a lot of electricity.

On the other hand, the Roku doesn’t consume as much power.

Having it on continuously as you binge-watch your favorite shows won’t make as much impact on your electricity bills as the PS4 will.

Reduced Wear and Tear on Your PS4

The PS4 is a relatively pricey device.

It’s built for prolonged, continuous use since it’s primarily for gaming.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to wear and tear.

If you constantly use your PS4 for streaming, you’ll accelerate the rate at which it’ll wear down.

Although a Roku also deteriorates with use, it’s much cheaper to replace — about ten times cheaper, to be exact.

Therefore, it makes sense to lighten the (streaming) load on your PS4 by letting a cheaper Roku device handle all your binge-watching needs.

That said, you may want to factor in the yearly depreciation cost of your PS4 versus the one for your Roku.

Simply put, the depreciation cost is the value in dollars that your device loses over time.

For example, let’s say your PS4 costs $300.

Assuming you use it continuously over 10 years and it breaks down within that period, that means your yearly depreciation cost is $30 per year. 

Let’s also suppose your Roku costs $30, which is equivalent to the yearly cost of keeping a PS4.

If your Roku stick lasts for a year at most, maybe there isn’t much difference between using it and a PS4.

But if your Roku lasts much longer, then it’s the cheaper choice. 

Note that the above is only a hypothetical scenario.

I just want to give you a rough idea of whether it’s worth using your PS4 for both streaming and gaming, or whether the cost of replacing a Roku will make much of a difference in terms of cost efficiency.

You Can Enjoy Smart Home Features

The Roku streaming stick can integrate with your smart home systems and assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, while the PS4 doesn’t.

In other words, if you only use your PS4 for streaming, there are smart home features you can miss out on.

With a Roku, you can:

  • Use voice commands to switch on and control your television.
  • Access a live feed of smart security cameras.
  • Search for content without typing.

Integrating with Google Assistant also comes with benefits like faster, universal search.

Universal search lets you look for content across your streaming services at the same time.

You can’t access these smart home features when using the PS4 to stream.

Early Access to New Streaming Services

Because Roku’s primary business is streaming, there are perks to using a Roku stick to stream that aren’t available on a PS4.

For example, when a new streaming service is launched, it’s usually made available sooner on Roku than on the PS4.

And even if it’s the other way around (i.e. getting content on PS4 before Roku), it may not be as big of a deal because you probably already have a mile-long “To Watch” list from the major streaming services to begin with. 

You Don’t Have To Pay Extra for a Remote

When you buy a Roku, it already comes with a remote that has the following features:

  • Dedicated buttons that make actions such as fast-forwarding and rewinding easy
  • Dedicated buttons that make it easy to launch popular platforms like Netflix and Hulu
  • A dedicated microphone button that allows you to search for shows using your voice

With the PS4, you might end up having to buy a separate remote to have a more convenient streaming experience.

Access to Roku Originals

As the name implies, Roku Originals are shows exclusively available on Roku.

So, you can’t access them if you’re using a PS4 or any other non-Roku device to stream.

This may seem like only a minor inconvenience.

However, it can become annoying if you’re constantly encountering shows you can’t watch because you’re not on Roku.

Do You Need a Roku if You Have a PS4? Conclusion

You don’t need a Roku if you have a PS4.

You can use your PS4 to stream from major streaming services without major issues.

That said, there are many advantages to buying a Roku and using it for your streaming needs.

It’s more sustainable, energy-efficient, and convenient.

Furthermore, a Roku is relatively affordable and provides some added value.

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