Can Smart Meters Be Fitted Outside?

Can Smart Meters Be Fitted Outside

Smart meters are informative, budget-friendly, and give you access to better tariffs.

They’ve become increasingly popular recently, and you may wonder if it’s safe to install one outside.

Is this possible?

Smart meters can be fitted outside. They’re usually installed in the same place where your previous meter used to be. However, if your meter is currently inside the house and you want to move it outside, you should consult with a specialist to see if it’s possible.

In this article, I’ll address this question in more detail and discuss the other issues that come up while installing a smart meter, including safety issues. 

What You Should Know About Moving a Smart Meter Outside

If you’ve decided to install a smart meter outside, and your current meter is indoors, or if you wish to move your outside smart meter, here’s what you need to do: 

Contact Your Energy Supplier 

Start by contacting your supplier and discussing the matter with them.

Where your meter is currently located will determine whether or not they’ll be able to help you and how much it would cost. 

You can also book a visit from their specialist to figure out what additional work must be done to move the meter.

If you’re dual fuel, you’ll likely have to move both gas and electricity smart meters since they need to be able to communicate with each other. 

Some suppliers can move a meter over longer distances and install it outside, but you’ll likely need to contact your gas and electricity distributors.

Contact them to discuss the issue and determine if you need an electrician or a gas engineer’s expertise. 

However, if your meter is currently inside the house and you’d like to install it outside, you’ll have to get one or more consultations.

Usually, the installer can move a meter a short distance of about one to three meters (3.28 to 9.84 feet) on the same wall.

Moving it outside can be a complicated task that will require more professional help. 

Internet Connection: A critical aspect

Smart meters need a strong network connection and the ability to communicate with any other smart meter that’s installed in your home.

So, if your area doesn’t have problems with network coverage and your current meters are placed outside, the smart meters can be installed there, too, without any complications.

Consider the Costs

Installing a smart meter can cost around $200.

However, it depends on the service provider, and some energy suppliers install them for free but only charge for the call-out fee. 

That is an estimate, and the actual costs will vary greatly depending on your situation.

What distance you want the meter moved, how many parties will be involved, and whether or not your current supply system requires any modifications in order to install the meter outside are just a few factors that come into play.

Disadvantages of Installing a Smart Meter Outside

One of the greatest advantages of smart meters is the in-home display, and the fact that you can install them anywhere in your home.

They’ll calculate your gas and electricity costs and display your usage.

Fitting a smart meter outside won’t cause you any complications.

If your current meter is located outside your home, replacing it with an indoor smart meter will only add to your comfort.

However, if you’re thinking of moving a smart meter outside, you should consider some of the potential drawbacks.

Additional Expenses

As mentioned, installing a smart meter is relatively inexpensive and can sometimes be free, depending on your supplier.

However, the costs can be higher.

For instance, getting your power and gas companies involved can cost you up to $1000. 

Before committing to this decision, weigh your reasons carefully and make sure moving your smart meter outside is worth the cost.

Time-Consuming Process

How long moving your meter takes depends on the project’s scope.

It’s difficult to predict the timing if you need visits from many parties and specialists. 

You’ll probably be disconnected from gas and electricity while your meter is being reinstalled, and this can take longer if additional work is required.

If you don’t schedule the required visits beforehand, or if anything doesn’t go according to plan, the process can drag, leaving you without power. 

If you decide to move your meter, be sure to plan everything well in advance.

Is It Safe To Install a Smart Meter Inside Your Home?

With the rising popularity of smart meters, multiple suspicions and concerns have been raised regarding their safety.

Many people worry that exposure to smart meters’ radio waves could be harmful and dangerous. However, there’s no scientific evidence or actual proof of that being the case.

It’s entirely safe to install a smart meter inside your home.

Studies have proven that smart meters pose no risks to health.

Actually, the exposure to radio waves produced by Wi-Fi or smartphones is higher than that of smart meters.

If you’re thinking about installing a smart meter outside the house because you’ve heard reports about them producing radiation and causing health issues, there’s no need for such measures. 

Existing studies show that radio waves produced by smart meters are far below the levels considered dangerous, according to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

Like many other electronic devices, it does produce radiation, but only in small amounts that pose no risk to health.

In fact, the exposures are even lower compared to radio waves produced by a Wi-Fi router or a smartphone, the devices we use every day. 

Strict regulations are imposed on smart meter manufacturers to ensure that every device appearing on the market meets the highest standards.

This makes smart meters incredibly safe. 

It has been repeatedly reported that during the installation process, specialists have uncovered pre-existing safety issues that owners might have overlooked otherwise.

By installing a smart meter, one not only upgrades their energy meter system but also gets an additional check-up to find out other possible problems and solve them immediately. 

Hence, there’s no danger in installing your smart meter inside the house.

In fact, you’ll be able to check your equipment for possible faults and ensure nothing goes wrong in the future.

Can Smart Meters Be Fitted Outside? To Conclude

To sum up, you can place a smart meter outside.

This isn’t a problem, and won’t cause it to work incorrectly. 

It’s also possible to install a smart meter outside if your previous meter used to be placed inside the house.

However, you’ll face a number of complications along the way, which will come at additional costs.

If you’re considering moving your meter due to any concerns regarding health or safety risks, be assured that smart meters pose no dangers that would require such measures.

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