13 not-so-known Yeti Smart Home Alternatives

yeti smart home alternatives
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The Yeti Smart Home is a home automation app that allows you to control several devices and appliances in your home remotely. However, it’s not the only application that can do this, and there are several other substitutes.  

Here are 13 great Yeti smart home alternatives:

  1. Amazon Alexa
  2. Google Home
  3. Samsung SmartThings
  4. Apple Home
  5. Kasa Smart
  6. Honeywell Home
  7. Tuya Smart
  8. Geeni
  9. Smart life
  10. HomeSense
  11. Ecobee
  12. Wemo
  13. Yonomi

The rest of this article gives a more in-depth look at each of the thirteen home automation apps mentioned above, their pros and cons, as well as some honorable mentions.

I’ll also include links to get them on the Android and iOS App stores.

1. Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa app is one of the best home automation apps available and is free to use. 

It’s available to both Android and iOS users.

Although it’s developed by Amazon, the app works well with other smart devices like Philips Hue bulbs, Nest learning thermostat, Honeywell cameras, and more.

The app is easy to set up and easy to use as it allows you to control and manage your smart home devices easily via voice control. 

All you have to do is say “Alexa” and issue a command.

But using the app is not limited to voice control, as you can also operate it with taps and presses, like a conventional mobile application. 

Besides managing smart home devices, Alexa is also an assistant.

You can listen to music from streaming services, make shopping lists, read audiobooks, ask for directions, and enquire about the weather.


  • Doubles as a virtual assistant, helping users plan and manage their affairs.
  • Works with a long list of smart devices.


  • Voice control isn’t perfect, and it may have a hard time understanding people with strong accents.

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2. Google Home

The Google Home app was developed by Google and is similar to the Amazon Alexa app.

It is free to use, and despite being developed by Google, the app is available to Apple users. 

The app helps set up and control Google nest and Chromecast devices remotely. 

According to Google, you can also use the app on thousands of different smart devices ranging from cameras, lights, thermostats, and speakers.

Some compatible devices include brands like Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wemo, and Honeywell Home.

With easy installation and navigation, the app is one of the best Yeti alternatives around because it provides shortcuts for most tasks like lights, cameras, thermostats, and media.

Additionally, there’s a ‘feeds’ tab that highlights important events in the home. 

You can also create schedules and routines that allow you to do multiple tasks with one command.

The Google Home app also has voice control and can serve as a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa.


  • Also works as a virtual personal assistant that can answer questions, organize lists, and play media.
  • Compatible with thousands of smart devices.


  • Users may experience some wifi connection problems, but these do not occur too often.
  • Voice control may not pick up on all accents and speech patterns.

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3. Samsung SmartThings App

SmartThings is an app developed by South Korean tech giant Samsung and is a convenient way for homeowners to monitor and control the many home appliances the company manufactures, such as lights, sensors, cameras, locks, and switches. 

Like many other home automation apps, the SmartThings app is available to both android and iOS users.

Furthermore, you can share an account with select friends and family members so they too can control and manage the smart devices.

Another cool feature of the SmartThings app is the multiple modes available, including day, party, romantic, away, night, and winter. Each mode has different combinations and appearances. 

It also allows you to group similar devices and control them simultaneously.

Additionally, SmartThings delivers instant notifications about your home and the devices, like a possible break-in, porch pirates, or flooding.  

The Samsung SmartThings app is compatible with other popular home automation brands such as Philip Hue, Google nest devices, HomeKit devices, and Ring cameras. 


  • Instant notifications allow you to take the necessary action immediately.
  • Compatible with popular devices from different brands.


  • The app tends to be clunky and not as smooth as some other smart home apps. 

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4. Apple Home

Apple developed the Apple Home app to control and manage its home kit smart-home automation system.

Unlike Google Home, which is available on android and iOS devices, the Apple Home is exclusive to Apple devices like Macs, iPhones, Apple Watch, and iPads. 

While the app is only available to iOS users, its use isn’t limited to smart home devices from Apple and will work with any device labeled as “works with Homekit.” 

It also allows you to manage any device with voice control using Siri.

Apple Home has a clean and simple dashboard that makes it easy to control the devices in your home.

A feature of the app allows users to create “scenes” where they can group several devices and control them simultaneously with a single tap. 

For instance, when leaving the house, a tap on a custom ‘scene’ closes the curtains, turns off the lights, and regulates the thermostat. And you’ll receive notifications of events as they occur in your home.


  • Real-time notifications to keep you aware of important events in your home that may require immediate attention.
  • Compatible with multiple smart devices from Philips Hue, Wemo, Honeywell, Lutron, Samsung SmartThings, and more.


  • Only available to Apple users, but can be used with Siri.

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5. Kasa Smart

Kasa Smart is a free mobile application developed by TP-Link and is available on IOS and Android devices.

The app allows you to control, monitor, and configure your TP-Link smart devices anytime and anywhere in the world.

With Kasa Smart, you can set your appliances to turn on or off at given times based on your schedule.

There’s also an “away mode” which randomly turns on/off lights and appliances while you’re away, giving the impression that there’s someone in the house, thus deterring burglars.


  • Away mode can help deter would-be burglars. 


  • Only compatible with devices made by TP-Link.

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6. Honeywell Home

Honeywell is well known for its many smart devices, including cameras, thermostats, doorbells, air purifiers, and more.

The Honeywell Home app allows you to manage these devices remotely from one place.

The app is simple to set up and easy to navigate with a one-touch dashboard that displays all the connected devices at a glance.

You can easily tweak the temperature settings or view the last image taken by the camera. 

One of the major highlights of the Honeywell home app is the geofencing feature. 

It keeps track of your location so that your devices automatically switch to your preferred settings when you’re a certain distance away from your home, ensuring that everything is just the way you like it on arrival.

The app also allows you to use smart devices from other brands like Google, Apple, and Amazon. You also get live notifications of events happening in and around your home.


  • Your home will be the way you like it each time you get back with the geofencing feature. 
  • Supports multiple smart devices from major brands.
  • Real-time alerts allow you to keep a close eye on things happening in and around your home.


  • The geofencing feature doesn’t work correctly sometimes.

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7. Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is a free mobile app developed by Tuya Inc and available to Android and iOS users, which is a great alternative to the yeti smart app as it allows you to control a host of devices.

Once you’ve downloaded the free app to your phone or tablet, you can create an account, add your home devices and create custom widgets.

You can then share the account with family and friends for convenience.

An excellent feature of the app is the real-time alerts it displays, notifying you of any event in your home as it happens.

Connecting the app to smart devices is quick, and as mentioned, the app is compatible with many popular home devices in addition to those manufactured by Tuya Inc.

Other features include automated on/off based on the set temperature, time and location, and voice command through Amazon Echo and Google Home.


  • Supports multiple devices like Philips Hue, Homekit, and ring cameras.
  • Real-time alerts allow you to respond promptly to situations. 


  • The app tends to be glitchy.

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8. Geeni

Geeni smart home app is touted as an easy way to remotely monitor and control Geenie smart devices such as switches, cameras, sensors, and diffusers.

Like the Yeti smart home app, Geeni is available on Apple and Android mobile devices and is one of the few home automation apps with a native dark mode. 

The app has the usual features like managing a group of devices simultaneously, scheduling, and setting different modes or scenes. 

Similar to some other smart home apps, you can share an account with friends and relatives. However, Geeni goes a step further by allowing you to choose which devices friends and family can control.


  • Native dark mode for improved aesthetics.
  • The smart account sharing feature allows you to restrict the control guests and other users have.


  • Supports a limited number of third-party devices.

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9. Smart life

Smart life is a free mobile application available on Android and iOS platforms.

This app is another great alternative to the Yeti smart home app, as it can remotely control an extensive list of smart devices, including sensors, thermostats, cameras, locks, and switches. 

It allows voice control via Google Home and Amazon Alexa. 

Additionally, you can monitor your devices and get real-time notification alerts on the status of your home. Users can also share an account with a select number of people. 

The app is very customizable with an automation feature that lets you automate and schedule the on and off times of your devices based on your location, temperature, or time of day.


  • Supports voice control.
  • Allows users to share accounts with guests and other people. 


  • It takes some time to set things up and get things going.
  • Power outages can mess up any automation and schedules you’ve set.

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10. HomeSense 

HomeSense is an app offered by Revery Codes LLC and is available to iOS devices.

The app supports a long list of smart devices, like Philips Hue, Nest Learning Thermostat, and Apple HomeKit. 

The base version of the app allows you to monitor the state of your connected devices and get a summary of the devices in your entire home.

Upgrading allows you to control the smart devices, grant access to the notification center, create and edit schedules, and design unique room scenes.

HomeSense also has a “favorites” feature, where you can group all your frequent and favorite adjustments on one screen, saving you the trouble of navigating through the entire app each time.


  • Extremely customizable so it can be adapted to several living situations.
  • The “favorites” screen makes accessing frequent devices easier.


  • Exclusive to iOS devices.
  • It’s not completely free, as you’ll need to pay to access some premium features.

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11. Ecobee

Ecobee is another great Yeti smart home alternative and is free to both Android and iOS users, and it is meant to accompany smart devices from Ecobee. 

You can remotely manage and control your smart devices, particularly temperature settings and lights, with this app.

It comes with different modes like relaxing, sleeping, party, and romantic, with different light effects and combinations for each mode.

You can also create additional modes of your own with custom effects and combinations.

Lighting and temperature settings aren’t all the Ecobee app can do.

You can use the app to get a clear view of your house when the smart camera detects unexpected activity and get alerts from entryways and windows. 

The Ecobee also allows you to invite other users, granting them control of the smart device in the home.


  • The ability to create additional modes for various situations.
  • It allows account sharing.


  • While the app is free, some users may find the display ads overwhelming.
  • Devices don’t reconnect when there are hiccups in the wifi connections. As such, you’d need to connect them manually each time, even after momentary interruptions.
  • Limited to Ecobee smart devices.

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12. Wemo

Wemo is a free-to-use mobile app on Android and iOS platforms and is designed to remotely control Wemo smart devices, including switches, dimmers, light bulbs, and plugs. 

The app allows you to schedule when electric appliances and lights come on or sync them to the sun’s position. You also get push notifications about your device activity.

It has an “Away mode” which will randomly turn lights on and off in different rooms, giving the impression that there’s a home even when you’re not. 

Additionally, you can integrate Wemo with IFTTT (If This Then That).


  • “Away mode” can deter burglars.
  • Integration with IFTTT can improve the productivity of the connected devices.


  • Supports only Wemo smart devices.
  • The app can be unresponsive sometimes.  

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13. Yonomi

The Yonomi app is available to both Android and iOS users, which allows them to manage all their smart-home devices remotely using one app. 

The app is simple and easy to use, with a clean interface that allows users to quickly set up automated routines based on GPS location, time of day, and actions of other smart devices.

Moreover, you can manage the connected devices manually. 

The app works well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, thus allowing for voice control. 

This free-to-use app is a great alternative to the Yeti app and works with all the popular smart home devices like Philips hue, Wemo, Nest, Honeywell, TP-Link, Ecobee, and more. 

For a full list of compatible devices, you can check the Yonomi supported devices page.


  • It works with virtually all smart devices.


  • The app can sometimes be unresponsive.  

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Yeti smart home alternatives: Honorable Mentions 

When listing alternatives to the Yeti smart app, there are some honorable mentions, including

  • Philips Hue
  • MyQ Garage & Access Control 

These apps aren’t true alternatives, as they’re designed to handle a single aspect of automation such as security, doors and access, and lighting. 

Philips Hue

Philips Hue app is designed to control Philips smart bulbs. The app works remotely, and using it gives you great control over the lighting in your home. 

Here are some things the app allows users to do:

  • Set timers for bulbs.
  • Group light bulbs into zones so that they can be operated simultaneously. For instance, you can group all the lights in the basement or living room, turning them on at once with a single tap on the app.
  • Customize the color and tone of lights.
  • Automate the lights to work around your daily routine. You can set up the lights to come on/off or get dimmer/brighter at certain times.
  • Control the lights with voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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MyQ Smart Garage & Access Control

This app is a convenient way to open, close, and monitor your garage door, gate, or commercial door using your mobile phone. It is compatible with products from Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage door openers. 

Using the app, you can set schedules so that doors open and close automatically at set times.

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