Why Is Alexa’s Voice So Loud? And What Can You Do About It

Why Is Alexa’s Voice So Loud

The Amazon Echo, featuring Alexa, is a welcome guest into millions of homes across the world.

However, some people have difficulties operating and controlling the features of their new smart devices.

One common issue that many new users come across is controlling the volume and keeping Alexa’s voice at a manageable level. 

Alexa’s voice is so loud because the volume setting is turned up too high or the Adaptive Volume feature is activated and not working correctly. Adaptive Voice changes the volume so you can hear the speaker when you leave the room. However, bugs and technical issues may cause loud volumes.

In this article, I’ll explain the reasons why Alexa’s voice is so loud.

I’ll also share the different ways to fix this, including adjusting the volume or disabling the features responsible.

Other common issues that people face when configuring their Alexa are also investigated to help you get the most out of your Amazon Echo. 

Why Does Alexa’s Voice Get Louder?

Have you ever noticed Alexa’s voice suddenly change in volume?

This is confusing to many people and often irritating, especially when it happens for no reason and out of the blue.

But why does Alexa suddenly raise its voice while speaking or playing music for you? 

Alexa’s voice gets louder because Adaptive Volume is enabled. Amazon designed the Adaptive Volume feature to sense when you’re further away from the device so it can adjust the volume appropriately. As a result, Alexa’s voice will get louder and quieter based on any potential motion it senses. 

Another possible cause for Alexa’s voice getting louder is someone who has access to the device has changed the volume.

Alexa’s aren’t necessarily programmed to be mindful that they’re speakers, and people often use speakers to play music at full blast.

However, if no one else has access to your Alexa, the volume should only change when you change when Adaptive Volume is activated. 

How To Make Alexa’s Voice Quieter 

Alexa is a great help with so many aspects of your daily life.

Alexa can help you to organize your day as well as play your favorite music and help you to search the web.

However, Alexa’s help is not very welcome or pleasant when it’s pumping out at max volume, ruining the enjoyable environment you’re trying to create in your home. 

Follow these steps to make Alexa’s voice quieter:

  1. Open Alexa app
  2. Select the Menu button 
  3. Open settings 
  4. Select Device Settings
  5. Tap on your device 
  6. Slide Audio Adjuster down to reduce the volume

As an alternative to the steps above, it’s possible to conveniently adjust Alexa’s volume using a voice command.

Simply say, “Alexa, turn down the volume,” and your Echo will handle the rest.

If the volume is still too loud, or if it becomes too quiet, you can give further voice commands to Alexa until you get it right. 

How To Get Alexa’s Voice Back to Normal

Amazon is a company with a strong emphasis on customer experiences.

As a result, they tailor products so that they can be used by as many people as possible.

For instance, the Amazon Echo comes in various languages and even has different accents and dialects available. 

Follow these steps to change Alexa’s voice back to normal:

  1. Open Alexa app
  2. Click on the Menu button 
  3. Open Settings, followed by Device Settings 
  4. Select your Amazon Echo device 
  5. Scroll down to the Language button 
  6. Select your desired language 
  7. Choose your desired accent 

You have options when it comes to how your Alexa will sound.

You can change between different accents to find one that you like, or you can settle for a familiar one from the start.

If you want to change the accent again in the future, follow the steps listed above. 

How To Keep Alexa’s Volume Constant

Alexa’s volume will turn up and turn down without your input via the Adaptive Volume feature.

This allows the smart device to know when you’re near or far and change the volume so you can still hear the speaker when you leave the room.

Although, as with all technology, it’s prone to some issues, and the volume is unlikely to remain constant with this feature activated. 

To keep your Alexa’s volume constant, you must disable the Adaptive Volume feature with the following steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app 
  2. Tap the menu, then settings
  3. Click on Voice Responses
  4. Click on Adaptive Volume and the option to disable the feature will appear

Disabling the Adaptive Volume will ensure that the volume remains constant no matter what is going on outside.

The Adaptive Volume feature will also increase the volume in noisy or busy environments like when you’re cooking or entertaining guests.  

Why Is My Alexa Not Whispering? 

Alexa is built to entertain as well as assist.

As a result, the Amazon Echo device boasts various features like jokes and whispering mode.

However, some Amazon Echo owners are unsure how they get their Alexa to start whispering. 

Your Alexa isn’t whispering because the Whisper Mode feature isn’t enabled.

You can enable this feature by voice command to your Alexa.

You can also enable the Whisper Mode feature by opening the Alexa app and adjusting the setting to enable Whisper Mode. 

If the Whisper Mode is amusing to you, you might consider asking the smart speaker to tell you a joke or repeat after you upon command by saying “Simon Says,” followed by the statement you wish repeated. 

Why Is Alexa’s Voice So Loud: Final Thoughts 

Alexa can help you to keep on top of your busy life as well as entertain the entire family.

However, Alexa can be a bit too noisy at times.

Alexa may even randomly get louder without you changing the volume. 

This happens due to Amazon’s Adaptive Volume feature that changes the volume to suit the environment when it’s noisy.

You can disable this feature through the Alexa app on your mobile.

This will keep Alexa’s voice at a level that won’t change without human input. 

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