Why Do I Get Double Notifications on My Ring Doorbell? Easy Fix!

Why Do I Get Double Notifications on My Ring Doorbell

Imagine this, a person walks up to your door, and the Ring doorbell notifies you.

Five seconds or less later, you receive another notification for the same event.

This confusing state can leave you asking, “Why do I get double notifications on my Ring doorbell?”

You get double notifications on your Ring doorbell because you have enabled Ring notifications in the SmartRent Mobile App and the Ring app. If you have the two apps, you should have Ring notifications enabled on either app to avoid double notifications. 

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In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss the causes of double notifications on your Ring doorbell and how to address the issue.

I’ll also discuss how you can use your Ring smart home devices with SmartRent. Let’s get started!

The Causes of Double Notifications on Ring Doorbells

Double notifications on Ring doorbells do not mean the notifications come simultaneously – rather, the second notification comes a few seconds after the first one.

This may give you the impression that two people have walked toward your door, one after the other.

The leading causes of this problem are:

Notifications From SmartRent and Ring Mobile Apps

Integrating your Ring doorbell with the SmartRent mobile app allows more centralized management of your smart home devices.

You’ll get double notifications if you’ve enabled Ring doorbell notifications on both your SmartRent and Ring mobile apps.

The two apps send notifications to your device simultaneously, leading to confusion.

It can be challenging to know whether this is the problem since the notifications don’t indicate from which app they emanate.

Therefore, you must work around diagnosing the cause before solving it.

A Software Bug or Glitch in Your Ring Mobile App

If you have only the Ring app installed on your phone, then both notifications emanate from it.

In this case, the problem might be a software bug or glitch in the app.

Software bugs and glitches are errors or flaws in the functioning of the application.

These faults arise from human or programming errors during the development process.

Bugs and glitches can cause double notifications because they interfere with the normal functioning of the app.

Depending on the bug’s severity, the app might send two notifications instead of one.

How To Address Double Notifications on Your Ring Doorbell

After knowing the probable reasons your Ring doorbell has two notifications, it’s time to solve the problem.

The solutions to this problem are:

Check if You Have Both Ring and SmartRent Apps Installed

If you have both apps installed on your phone, it’s most likely that the notifications come from both apps.

To confirm this, check whether you’ve enabled Ring notifications in the SmartRent app.

If you have, then disable Ring notifications in the SmartRent app to stop receiving double notifications.

Here is the procedure to disable Ring doorbell notifications on the SmartRent app:

  1. Launch the SmartRent mobile app on your phone.
  2. Navigate to the lower right-hand corner and tap “More.”
  3. Scroll to “Settings.”
  4. Select Notifications.”
  5. Check for “Ring Doorbell.
  6. Disable the notification by unchecking the box.

Uninstall and Reinstall Your Ring App

There might be a software bug or glitch in the app if you only have the Ring app installed on your phone and still getting two notifications.

In this case, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if it solves the problem.

Here is how to uninstall and reinstall the Ring app:

  1. Go to your phone’s “Settings.”
  2. Tap Apps.”
  3. Select the “Ring” app.
  4. Tap Uninstall.”
  5. Restart your phone.
  6. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  7. Search for “Ring.”
  8. Install the app.
  9. Launch the app and log in to your account.
  10. Try using your Ring doorbell to see if you’re still getting two notifications.

Expert Tip: Before uninstalling the app, check the box at the bottom of the uninstallation screen that says, “Keep app data.” This preserves your Ring app’s data, so you don’t have to start setting it up afresh after the installation.

Alternatively, you can try restarting your phone if you don’t want to go through uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app.

How To Use Ring Smart Home Devices With SmartRent

SmartRent is a home automation company that deals with software and smart home management.

Since Ring is a smart home company, their devices are compatible with SmartRent.

However, you must know how to integrate these devices with each for a seamless experience.

Here is the procedure to link these devices:

  1. On any browser, search for SmartRent and log in to your Smart Rent Resident Web Portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. Click the “Home” tab at the top.
  3. Select the “Ring” tab.
  4. Choose Connect Your Ring Account.”
  5. Enter your Ring login credentials in the provided boxes.
  6. SmartRent read-only access will pop up. Click “Allow.”
  7. Finally, press Allow.”

Ring Error Notifications

Sometimes it’s possible to get error notifications on your Ring mobile app.

This can be a stressful notification since it indicates something is amiss with your Ring smart home devices.

It’s essential to understand the error notification on the Ring app before frantically trying to fix it.

Error notifications usually arise when there is an issue with your internet connection or your device is not set up correctly.

Sometimes, error notifications can also be caused by server issues on Ring’s end.

Try the following solutions if you’re getting error notifications:

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you should do is check your internet connection to see if it’s working properly.

If you’re using a mobile data connection, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting your router or modem.

Once they’re back up and running, launch the Ring app and check if the error notification is gone.

Update Your Ring App

If you’re still getting error notifications, try updating your Ring app to the latest version. Here’s how to update the app:

  1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Search for “Ring.”
  3. Check if there is a pending update.
  4. If there is, click “Update.”

Hopefully, this should solve the problem and restore normal operations.

Why Do I Get Double Notifications on My Ring Doorbell? Final Thoughts

Getting double notifications on your Ring doorbell can cause unnecessary panic. When it happens, you should first check if you have enabled Ring notifications on the SmartRent app and Ring app. Make sure notifications on one of these apps is disabled.

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