How Ondrej and Henry protected their home with Smart Security Cameras

How Ondrej protected his house from a dangerous burglar with Smart Cameras!


Meet Ondrej, he is the owner of a beautiful house in Phoenix, Arizona. He started his Smart Home as a side interesting project. He began with a Smart Door Ring Bell, some Smart Cameras and alarms.

Usually, when you start installing these security devices you are wishing never use them!

And I get it

Nobody wants to live those scary moments where a thief breaks in and steals your most precious items! It is a very frustrating experience that I didn’t even want to think.

But sadly, It is happening that the household burglary tends to increase every year. And if you are on vacation the scenario goes worse.

Ondrej went to work like he uses to do every day. Unexpecting that a burglar armed with a shovel would try to break in his house!

Once he saw the motion alarms on the Smartphone, he started to check out the main door camera and spotted the threat right away:

The thief broke a glass door and got inside the house.

Ondrej is nervous as this guy is walking in his house like he was the owner!

He quickly changes the door camera to the indoor live-feed. Once the guy starts checking what to rob, Ondrej activates the alarms

The thing that surprises me is that the thief was calm during the process, but anyway maybe he was high or something.

After taking with him some discount batch cards, he had to leave. The sound was pretty strong and it forced him to leave as fast as he could.

After the burglar left Ondrej’s house, he left a broken glass mess and thanks to cameras and the alarm his house was protected.

And remember one thing: it doesn’t matter how calm is your neighborhood, there is always a potential threat outside that you can control with this Technology.

Ondrej has a post of his experience in case you want to see it

Fox 10 Phoenix even published the article

But I think any homeowner that lives this experience and let that some simple Smart Home tools give you a hand on the way, is the best decision you could ever make.


A homeowner stopped burglars in his home without being there with a Smart camera!


A Canadian homeowner that kept his identity protected by security reasons, protected his house with a Smart door Ring bell!

In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Henry (I just called him that for reference purposes) decided to get a Smart door ring bell to see who’s at his door. But he couldn’t imagine that it was the best decision he could possibly make.

After receiving a motion alert on his phone, he saw in his smartphone one guy dressed as a telecom worker in the area, nothing dangerous at all, but after ringing several times and peeking in the windows ensuring that no one was at home, he talked through a walkie-talkie to call for his outside spotter.

When the other burglar arrived, he gave a large screwdriver to the “telecom guy”. He started to pry the door and hitting it very hard to try to break in!

But Henry was seeing them on his Smartphone with the live-feed feature!

Once that guy started hitting the door, Henry yells: “Get away from the door!”

And as soon as they hear his voice, they run away from the scene scared. Check the video, I find it amusing:

Even though the video of the break-in attempt went viral on YouTube because people thought it was very funny, it was a lesson for all House Owners.

The threats are always lurking your surroundings, and in this new era, you are more than capable of protecting your house against them!

From a smart doorbell or smart camera, it is the best decision to start protecting your family and belongings


How simple Smart Cameras saved his house?


Well, he was very aware of his motion alerts on his phone. Once he saw the threat, he took action and protected his house without being there!

And this could be you if you decide to protect your house with technology. Usually, burglars don’t know that a smart doorbell could record you so quickly! And if the video quality was better, they could have gathered more information to give it to the authorities.


Apartments robbed in Colombia


I lived in Colombia and I know how dangerous life could be. And perhaps that’s why now I have smart cameras in my house now because I can understand that once a dangerous event comes into our lives is a very frustrating and painful experience.

I remembered living in an apartment where my neighbors got robbed. On holiday season, lots of families go on vacation to spend some quality time. But at the moment they didn’t realize that they were going to become the prey of a gang of burglars.

At that time, 3 apartments were robbed at the same moment. And the sad part was that no one had a smart camera for surveillance and it was nearly impossible to capture them.

On a side note, I was at home preventing them to get inside, but at night they knew my neighbors weren’t there.

Seeing those scenarios, made me realize that security at home is a big deal. I lived there for 13 years and I could experience why is so important being protected from these people.

I wanted to share with you my experience along with the other ones above to give you a glimpse of the importance of having smart cameras or smart doorbells at home.

The burglars that robbed my neighbors took around 10 thousand dollars from three different apartments between laptops, smartphones, jewelry and more.

When they tried to reach the insurance company, the process was very slow and they didn’t cover all the costs as the value-added to the articles robbed wasn’t as accurate as the owners wanted.


And what happened with the cops?


The police couldn’t do much for the apartments. They told us that they had a lead on the gang and they were investigating, but time passed and we didn’t receive good news about them.

If some of my neighbors would have surveillance technology, maybe the story would be different. Having good video quality would have let the cops to identify tons of useful information such as the names or nicknames that they used between each other, their FACES! Clothing and so much more.


I hope that some of these cases can relate to you in some manner. Whether you live in the U.S. or in another country, life can be safer if you decide and take action.

Is just a matter of understanding that your safety has to be on our top priorities!

In case you’re wondering which are the best smart security cameras in 2019, there is a full review of them here

What do you think of these testimonials where people could protect their houses getting into the smart home technology,

Were you happy seeing those burglars got recorded and put them in jail?

Let me know in the comments below!

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