Nest Hello Has Green Light but No Blue Light (Fix it Here!)

Nest Hello Has Green Light but No Blue Light

The Nest Hello is a great little smart doorbell that you can use to monitor who’s at your front door.

But you can’t connect to your Nest Hello if there’s a green light instead of a blue light. So, what does this mean, and what can you do about it?

Your Nest Hello has a green light but no blue light because the previous owner is still connected to it, the included chime isn’t installed, or your home doesn’t provide enough power. Easy fixes include contacting the last owner to unpair the Nest Hello and installing a chime and a new transformer.

If your Nest Hello is broken and under warranty, you can easily get a replacement. But if you know that the device works, let’s go over a few reasons and possible fixes for your nonfunctioning smart doorbell.

Why Your Nest Hello Doesn’t Have a Blue Light

Installing your Nest Hello incorrectly is the most common reason behind the blue light not showing up.

Or it could be that the previous owner forgot about the device altogether.

Let’s go over a few reasons why your Nest Hello’s green light is on, but there’s no blue light.

The Nest Hello Is Connected to the Previous Owner’s Account

The blue light indicates that your Nest Hello is ready to connect, and the green light means that the Nest Hello is working correctly.

If you bought a used Nest Hello or it came pre-installed with your new house, maybe the previous owner forgot about the device.

The Nest Hello stays connected to their account until they remove it.

So, the camera works as intended, but you can’t use it because you can’t turn pairing mode on.

The Wires on the Back of the Nest Hello Aren’t Connected

Incorrectly installing the wires of your doorbell can cause power issues. 

Even though a green light may show up, it doesn’t mean anything.

The wires in the Nest Hello are held with simple screws. As such, one of the two wires may get loose over time.

The Chime Connector Isn’t Installed

The included chime connector must be installed with the Nest Hello. The device simply can’t function without it.

The chime connector’s circuitry ensures that your Nest Hello gets constant power.

That’s because tech gadgets are super sensitive to minor fluctuations in power.

You can get the doorbell to turn on without the Chime connector.

However, it’ll likely cause the issue that led you to read this article.

Your Home Doesn’t Have Enough Voltage for the Nest Hello

If your house is old, there’s a good chance that the wiring has never been upgraded. 

Since houses were historically built on lower voltages like 110 V and 115 V, there’s a good chance that your old doorbell used a 10 V transformer.

The only problem — a wired Nest Hello needs 16 – 24 V of AC power.

You can easily tell what voltage you have by looking for a number on the transformer or old doorbell.

The insufficient voltage causes a host of different issues with Nest Doorbells.

The green LED is likely on because the device is receiving some power.

However, there isn’t enough voltage for the device to work as intended.

Nest Hello Wasn’t Set Up Correctly

Connecting your account to the Nest Hello doorbell isn’t difficult.

But the software you use to do it’s susceptible to random bugs.

Unusual firmware bugs can cause a host of various issues.

The doorbell can get bugged, making the green light stay on no matter what you do.

How To Fix Nest Hello That Has No Blue Light 

Before contacting Google’s support team, there are a few things that you should check.

Let’s go over a few simple fixes that’ll make the blue light turn on.

Contact the Previous Owner to Disconnect Their Account

If it’s a used doorbell, the first thing that you should try is contacting the previous owner.

Instruct them to open the Nest or Google Home app on their phone and remove the Nest Hello from their account.

If contacting the previous owners isn’t an option, Google recommends that you ask for a refund or exchange the doorbell for a new one.

Ensure the Nest Hello Wires Are Installed Correctly

Before we do anything, you must turn off all power in your house.

If you don’t, you could get shocked by the live wires.

You can check the wires inside your Nest Hello by opening the device up. 

If you notice that one of the wires is loose, take the screw out with, place the wire correctly, and screw the screw in tightly using a screwdriver.

Install the Included Chime Connector

The included chime connector is installed inside of your previous chime.

It’s a sort of intermediary between your chime and the doorbell.

A standard chime can have up to three wires: rear, trans, and front.

The Nest or Google Home app will walk you through the wiring process, but here’s a brief recap:

  1. Remove the wires from the old chime.
  2. Push the wires into their appropriate terminals on the chime connector.
  3. Screw the chime connector’s hook wires into the terminals of your chime.
  4. Place the chime connector inside the chime or attach it to the side.

Install a New Transformer

Installing a new transformer isn’t any harder than installing a Nest Hello. 

Simply remove the live and neutral wires from your old transformer and put them into your new one.

You can get the Hardwired Transformer for Ring Doorbells from

This is a 16V transformer made for Ring doorbells, which have the same power requirements as your Nest Hello.

Reset the Nest Hello and Pair It Again

If a software glitch is causing you issues, a simple factory reset can fix it. 

Note that this will delete all your settings. You’ll have to reconnect to the device afterward.

Here’s how to perform a reset on your Nest Hello:

  1. Remove the doorbell from the base using a release tool or paperclip.
  2. Use the tool to press the reset button in the back of the doorbell and hold the doorbell button on the front simultaneously.
  3. Wait for 10-15 seconds or until the chime rings and the light turns blue.
  4. Wait for the factory reset to complete.
  5. Remove the device from your app.
  6. Reconnect the doorbell.

Final Thoughts

The blue light not appearing on a brand-new Nest Hello is usually caused by wiring issues.

Ensure that you’re using a 16-24 V transformer, and don’t forget to install the chime connector.

If it’s a used device, you must contact the previous owners.

They technically still own the device. That’s why there’s a green light indicating it’s working correctly.

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