How to Install a Ring Peephole Camera Without a Peephole

Ring devices are a very popular option when it comes to home security.

Because Ring is so versatile and can be installed without a hefty price tag or many tools, it is a terrific way to bring peace of mind to homeowners.

The Ring company offers devices for doorbells and peepholes as well as standard mounted security cameras.

You can install the Ring Peephole camera into a door without an existing peephole, but it will require extra labor on the installer’s part and could prove to be a bit challenging. With a little extra time and the proper tools, you will be able to accomplish this on your own.

In this article, you will learn how to install a Ring Peephole Camera without an existing peephole.

Installing A Ring Peephole Camera

Typically, when you purchase a Ring Peephole Camera, you will have an existing peephole to install the camera into.

However, not all doors are equipped with a peephole, so you may need to improvise.

The good news is that while the installation will take more time and effort, it is completely possible with the proper tools.

Tools Needed

Before you begin installing a Ring Peephole camera without an existing peephole, you need to gather your materials.

The last thing you want to do is get partway through the project only to realize you are missing something.

Drill: You will need a drill that is strong enough to propel the correct bit through the material your door is made of.

If you are using a cordless drill, you need to make sure it is fully charged, or you may end up being unable to complete the job in one session.

It would be quite inconvenient to have a partial hole through your front door.

Proper Drill Bits: You need to make sure you have the correct size and material of drill bit to drill a hole into your door.

Some doors are steel with wood cores, while others are solid wood.

If you use the incorrect bit, you will not be able to accomplish the job.

With the proper drill bit for the material, you need to have the correct drill bit.

Most standard peepholes are ½ inch in diameter.

Because the Ring camera is made to fit a standard peephole, you want to make sure the measurements are correct.

Safety Goggles: This may seem like a stretch, but you must consider the material you are preparing to drill through. Wood or metal shavings can fly off the door.

You do not want to have a piece of metal or wood in your eye.

Taking the extra time to put on safety goggles will help protect you.

Pen or Pencil: You will want to mark the correct point before you begin drilling.

Remember, this will be a permanent fixture on your door, so it needs to be centered.

Tape Measure: Once you know the correct height, you will need to measure the width of the door to make sure you are centering the peephole.

If you fail to measure, you could end up with an off-center peephole, which could become aggravating.

File: If you have a metal door, you may wish to use a metal file to help smooth the edges of the drilled hole before you insert the Ring Peephole.

Drilling the Hole

Once you have gathered all your materials, you are ready to begin installing the peephole camera.

Most people that have taken on this project estimate that it takes fifteen minutes from start to finish.

Do not be discouraged if it takes longer for you, especially if you are not used too frequently using power tools.

  1. Measure where you want to place the hole. It is recommended that the placement be 54-64 inches from the bottom of the door (Source: House Trick). This height is typically appropriate for most users. If you have an individual in the home who cannot stand to look out of the peephole, it may need to be lower. However, for the Ring camera, the standard height is appropriate.
  2. Mark the appropriate spot on the door to ensure the peephole is centered before you begin drilling.
  3. Put on your safety goggles.
  4. Drill the hole
  5. File the rough edges of the hole if necessary. Be sure not to over-file, as this will change the dimension of the hole and could be problematic.

Setting the Ring Peephole Up

Once you have the peephole drilled, you are ready to install the Ring Peephole.

If the hole is the correct size, you will find this step very easy to complete.

When you purchase your Ring Peephole, there will be easy-to-follow set-up instructions included.

Be Aware

Sometimes the thickness of the door will not allow the Ring Peephole camera to sit in the peephole properly.

If you find this happening, the installation kit will include an item called an extender.

This will allow the peephole camera to sit flush with the door and securely attach to the inside portion of the camera.

Connecting the Ring Peephole Camera

After you have the camera properly installed into the door, you are ready to begin the actual set-up of the device. Again, there is a step by step instructions provided with your kit.

However, before you begin setting up the camera, you need to have access to these things.

  • Wi-fi
  • Ring App
  • Subscription to Ring
  • Fully charged battery pack

The Ring Peephole camera is a battery-powered device.

You will need to be sure to charge the battery pack of your camera every 20-40 days.

Depending on the activity recorded by your device, the time between charges will vary.

Why Do I Need a Subscription?

You can easily use the Ring Peephole camera features without a subscription.

However, if you ever want to view the recordings from your camera, you will need a subscription to do so.

While it may seem silly to pay for recordings, if you ever need to access them for police assistance, you will be thankful you paid for the subscription.

Subscription Details

The cost for a Ring subscription on one device is quite economical.

You can purchase a plan for an entire year or choose to pay month to month.

Like most subscriptions, there is a small saving if you choose to pay an annual fee.

Typically, you can purchase this plan for around $30. The peace of mind this service provides to many is well worth it. (Source: Ring)

Final Thoughts

If you are set on getting a Ring Peephole camera, you can easily make it work with any door.

While it may require a bit of work before the installation can occur, you can do it.

Make sure you have the proper tools before beginning the project and always measure for accuracy.

If you rent a home, you will also check with your landlord before drilling holes indoors.

Once these things are in place, you are ready to install a Ring Peephole camera.

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