About us

Who runs My Automated Palace? 

My name is Nelson and I’m the owner of My Automated Palace. I’m in love with how smart home technology could potentially change our lifestyles.

As an engineer, I know that Smart Home Technology can improve our daily life with some pretty reliable gadgets, and it is how our society will be channeled through every year of development.

 Since I was little,  I’ve been very keen on high-tech devices, developing strong relations with people in the industry, and learning constantly about later products and new breakthroughs.

As I grew older, I wanted to have a fully customized house that had the capabilities to protect us from all danger outside as well.

As we all know, thieves have discovered during the years a lot of new ways to get inside your house and steal your most important belongings, and it is now our responsibility to protect ourselves from any intruder!

Smart home automation has that skill. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can armor our house to make it safer for our most beloved ones.

I’m constantly searching for new technology to make home a safe place and reduce time on meaningless chores.

Entertaining is a top priority for me too. When I arrived after a long day at work, I want to feel comfortable and have all the commodities within walking distance. Who wouldn’t right?

Since our needs in our lives evolve, I strive for having quick access to all new technology available to be comfy and spent quality time with my family.

My background focuses mainly on technology. I am very passionate about software and equipment because it is why I do it for a living and I want to express this passion for tech stuff to all of you!

Why start My Automated Palace

My brother (Armand) and I somehow end up talking about technology at home on a regular basis. It has become something between us to improve our relationship.

What is very exciting about technology is that every second, developers around the world are optimizing products and processes giving us the opportunity to learn and internalize new concepts of life!

That is why I decided to start writing about smart home technology.

Having equipment that could potentially help us to minimize time such as cleaning, cooking, or even securing our windows, we both agree that by implementing networks and devices, our life can be a little bit better.

Principle 1: Home automation is the future

We have the privilege to live in a fully automatized era. Companies in the tech industry are focusing their efforts to develop more products to increase your lifestyle in ways that our grandparents only could imagine!

It is proven that having a secure home can protect you from intruders even if you are sleeping. And now, we have all the tools at our fingertips to feel protected and to stop worrying about all the dangers outside.

The future means progress. An automated home can say a lot of good things about the one who possesses it!

I want you to transform your home into a place where you can feel happy every time you enter it. Every time a friend comes over, you can show them how well you protected your house against intruders, or how do you organize your daily schedule with voice assistants. You can’t make a better first impression.

Principle 2: Improving your lifestyle is a top priority

Because we did not come to this world to suffer. We came to have the life we always wanted.

Life is too short to be worrying about if our floor is dirty or after going to sleep you forgot to close the baby’s room window. Using proper technology, our lives can improve in ways that Sci-fi writers wrote thirty years ago only could imagine!

We get that having a house is a huge responsibility. There are plenty of chores and things to do every day that can be overwhelming especially if you have a full-time job.

This is one of the key reasons why I wanted to create this Blog. Because after a few improvements around the house, we can save time to relax or to share it with the people we really love

Principle 3 of my blog. Having fun is a must-have in our homes!

And where is the fun in all of that?… of course there is!

I love learning about the latest improvements in our homes to dim our lights, turn them On or Off with our smartphones, claps, or whistles.

Having a proper light on our bathrooms when we wake up at night can even let us sleep on the toilet… yeah did you know that?

This is all part of all the fun that having an automated home could bring. Just with the fact that you can hear your favorite music station in certain parts of the house, it is a totally awesome way of changing the ambient for you, your friends, and your family.



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